10:54 ST
Introducing Mycena Cabbage!

Another bright, sunny morning greets you as you rise from your bed. Stretching the last of the sleep from your muscles, you take in a deep breath. The smell of farts permeate the air, vibrant and fresh. The whole day is ahead of you, and you can’t wait to soak in that sunshine and really start to feel energized. Quickly ruffling your leaves into place, you hop to your feet and make your way outside, careful to duck as you pass through the door, lest you knock your head into it yet again.

“Good morning, neighbor!” Someone calls, and you raise a paw in greeting. Their light greenish leaves curl in a smile at the acknowledgement. A couple of sprouts, their leaves only just beginning to form proper heads, run past giggling loudly.

Tilting your own bulbous head back toward the sky, you soak in the warmth. Yep, just another beautiful day in Mycena Cabbage.

[Activity] Sullie’s Cabbage Couture

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With this in mind, Sullie would like to invite you to participate in Cabbage Couture! Use any number of ‘upcycled’ fashion pieces (some edible, some not - all fashionable in that oh-so-hip ‘au naturale’ sense) to give a local cabbage a stunning makeover! And remember - they’re cabbages, dear, not drabbages.

Cabbage Couture submissions go here!
This activity runs until 23:59 April 15th

[Activity] Cabbage in the Wild

Hopper’s been… seeing things lately. Round, green things. Cabbages. In all the places you would never expect to find them. It’s like they’re always lurking just out of the corner of his eye, and he needs you to help him collect proof that they’re out there. Take (or create) a photo of a cabbage in an unusual place, and share your evidence with other cabbagetographers in this activity!

Cabbage in the Wild submissions go here!
This activity runs until 23:59 April 15th

  • Participation in any activity once earns you a commemorative sticker made by Myla.
  • Cabbage Rose, made by Eluii, can be earned twice: once for couturing a cabbage and once for writing a Runway Ramble in Sullie’s Cabbage Couture.
  • Sprout Fairies, made by King, can be earned twice: once per cabbage documented (up to two) in Cabbage in the Wild!
  • We will be tallying the scores manually - no submission form needed for this activity!

    Cabbage effects can be turned off here but will go away at midnight Server Time tonight after which the cabbage heads will be sold in the Marketplace ♥

Posted Apr 1, edited Apr 1
This is such a fantastic event and item set, thank you! ;u;
Posted Apr 1
oh god..the cabbaging begins
Posted Apr 1

Omg, cabbage is one of the most underrated vegetables out there. People out here sayin’ it smells like farts and tastes even worse. I spose I have no place talking about this cuz cilantro is the nastiest food to ever disgrace the universe, so… I guess I get why someone might not like it.



Posted Apr 1, edited Apr 1
All hail the great cabbagening!
Posted Apr 1

there’s something so viscerally unsettling about Dart’s eyelids here

thank u Mycena Cave Dot Com for another delightful april fools

Posted Apr 1

Tamako you are so right about cabbage, cabbage is my best bud brassica~

cilantro, however, can bugger right off

Posted Apr 1

I love this lmao-

A question, though! Following the event, will there be a way to keep the green background? I know the header can be changed, but I’m unsure about the background— it’s such a pleasant color, and also more gentle on the eyes! :D

Posted Apr 1

Chimerical RIGHT!? It’s versatile, too!!

I was also wondering about the background as Bat mentioned! I really like it!!! More color options would be nice too 83c Like PINKKKKK huhu.

Posted Apr 1, edited Apr 1
Mmmmmmm veggies…..
Posted Apr 1

Cabbage heads can now be purchased in the marketplace!

As for background colors, I can check with glitch about how complicated that would be and put it on our list if it’s feasible though we wouldn’t be able to get to it for awhile since we have a lot of other misc. coding things that are prioritized!

Posted Apr 2
Cabbage activities end tonight!
Posted Apr 15