17:35 ST
[Holiday Shop] The Moonlight Collection (through Nov 14th)
The Moonlight Collection

The full moon rises over the hills, casting twisted shadows across the ground. Somewhere in the distance, a mournful howl echoes. There is a certain chill to the air that sends goosebumps scattering across your skin, and a faint scent of spice upon the breeze. The paths are dark and devoid of any other creatures. You seem to be alone, save for your own footsteps and a pricking sensation on the back of your neck - is someone watching you?

You turn around, looking left and right, but nothing appears in the gloom. The wind picks up, then, and a cloud covers the moon for a long moment, casting a shadow over the already dark forest. The dry autumn leaves rustle almost threateningly above you and some swirl through the air, obscuring your vision.

When the moon reemerges and the wind dies down, you hear the flapping of wings behind you and turn sharply. A mysterious crow eyes you suspiciously before picking up a nugget you must have dropped. He flies to a branch then looks at you expectantly, as if waiting for you to follow him…

Our Halloween holiday shop, the Moonlight Collection, has opened its doors once more, filled to the brim with old favorites and new treats! The shop’s appearance is temporary, however, and it is set to disappear after 23:59 ST on November 14th.

Posted 10/31/20, edited 10/31/20

WHOOPS time to spend all my nuggets <3

Happy halloween y’all ;D

Posted 10/31/20
Scuttles in there.
Posted 10/31/20