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June News Discussion
Along comes June!

This month’s OotS is Wood Carving, along with their frightening Forest Spirit Mask and probably very itchy Ancient Overgrowth. This set was created by the magnificent Meru! You can find it for sale in the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

The Creative Collective

May’s Creative Collective has drawn to a close! Thank you to everyone who posted a submission, engaged in a roleplay, or offered some feedback this past month. May’s submissions are in the process of being compiled, and June’s prompts should be up shortly.

Two new items have also been added into the Bag of Wonders!

Misc. Images Update

Our Misc. Images page has received a much-needed update! It’s been slightly reorganized, with images now tucked into spoilers to help with loading time. Full size images of the site background items have also been added. We hope you continue to enjoy these resources!

New Items

Several new items can now be found stocking in the shops around Mycena Cave! Black Flutter Wings and Black Ruff can be found in Val’s Modern Composition, while Puffy Clouds, Sky Background, and Moonlit Clouds Background can be found in Lands Within.

Calling All Adventurers

We are now seeking players to help us beta test our upcoming Adventure system! If you enjoyed our Quest for the Icy Soul event and are interested in helping us hammer out a new feature for all of Mycena Cave to enjoy, check out this thread for information on how to apply!

Upcoming Bank Changes

Beginning July 1st, some changes are coming to our Bank system. To summarize:

  • The bank will no longer pay out interest on your nugget balance
  • Bank interest will be replaced with a daily nugget bonus of between 50 and 100 nuggets, depending on your collection streak over the last week
  • The bank will allow you to store gems as well as nuggets

For our full explanation as to why this change is occurring, please see this announcement.

Marketplace Survey

In an effort to help boost our economy, we have been considering ways in which we may update the marketplace to increase its utilization. To this end, we have released a new survey aimed at gauging which features our community would most like to see in a marketplace revamp!

Spring Bloom Jubilee

Our Spring Event has come and gone, and thanks to your careful bouquet-making, the Cave is looking springy and bright after a long, dreary winter! Seelby would like to extend a warm ‘thank you’ to everyone who participated — with all of the leftover seeds she managed to collect, she should be able to keep the Cave beautiful for quite some time!

Summer Is Coming…

June 21st marks the first day of summer, and with a new season comes a new Seasonal coat! Bruc is still tending to his new crop of mushrooms, but keep an eye out for upcoming previews. Meanwhile, you still have a few weeks to swipe up those Spring Seasonals before they disappear until next year!

Summer is too hot for us!

Posted 06/01/18, edited 06/01/18
The pet looks amazing!
Posted 06/02/18

Hi everyone!

As we make the final preparations for our adventuring beta program, adventure threads from the Quest for the Icy Soul event are going to stop listening for commands. If you haven’t finished your RP you’re welcome to continue posting in your threads, but there won’t be any more replies from the Bone Monster.

Posted 06/03/18

Hi everyone!

Quick reminder that starting July 1st, the bank will also get an upgrade and be able to store gems:

At the same time, we are replacing Bank Interest with a Daily Bonus. Once roll-over happens, you’ll see the following new menu item in place:

Head over there every day to collect a daily bonus of between 50 and 100 nuggets (depending on how often you’ve collected over the last week)!

Posted 06/30/18, edited 07/01/18
At the same time, we are replacing Bank Interest with a Daily Bonus.glitch

This’ll take some getting used to, but I’m excited to see what new changes it’ll facilitate for the Cave in the future!

Posted 07/01/18
I’ve never lost anyone’s money before.

Bruh. That’s… *squint* a very specific reassurance. Verrrry specific.

Does our banker have something to hide?

-edit- Ooh and I really like that lil auto-deposit going on! That it sees how much nuggets we have on hand and assumes we wanna deposit them all. That’s neat.

Posted 07/01/18, edited 07/01/18

Bruh. That’s… *squint* a very specific reassurance. Verrrry specific.

Does our banker have something to hide?Chimerical


Posted 07/01/18
Just wanted to add that I LOVE the new auto-fill style feature. A very sweet little QOL change, especially as we have to jump between two pages to collect and deposit the daily bonus now. :D
Posted 07/01/18