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marvel - see Lorna Dane (Polaris), Steve Rogers (Captain America), Avengers, Agents of SHIELD
vampire diaries & the originals
teen wolf
new tv: blindspot, limitless, gotham, fargo s2

old tv: alias, lost, jem & the holograms (not the 2015 trash movie), she-ra, burn notice, roswell, xena, charmed…

about me: I recently bought a condo so I am not on here as much as I used to be. it’s this whole thing about paying bills and such that makes me leery about spending money on internet pets - but I still enjoy the company and like what I have.

wishlist: crow, albino crow, pastel star, tiny animal accessories! Tent bat, birds, rodents!! (No insects)

for my secret santa: I am always interested in unique items from wherever you live! I have a brand new home to fill with decorative things. Feel free to make me something to hang or place on a shelf. I also play on Aywas so art or items are welcome there too.


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