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Hi! I’m Samantha! I have my soul Partner Jira here! She is sweet and a good partner to have around. Anyways, nice to meet you!


She sadly was separated from her parents as a child, She found the caverns, and grew up in them, under the watchful eyes of the Bone monster. When she grew old enough, she was taught how to carve Mycena’s and take care of them. So, her first Learning session was her new best friend, Jira. She grew closely bonded with Jira, and soon their souls combined… Samantha was a Bonded one… She would forever live, And she could soul-bind with all her pets. Jira and her snuck out during the spring times, Looking for Apples and life other than in the Caverns. But they would go back just in time before the Bone Monster woke up. One day they found a strang rock… They still have it, but Samantha made it into a pendant. Ever since then, she has had constant nightmares… But she has no clue what it is… She doesnt even suspect the Pendant..


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