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✕ lives in Oz (the weather is screwed up here)
✕ likes roleplaying lots (just shoot her a echo)
✕ loves reading, poetry and other flowery things
✕ has an unhealthy obsession with scrap-booking, journalling and just decorating random pretty things in general
✕ thinks that if you like (CAUTION! Long list ahead): Game of Thrones, Modern Family, Supernatural, Sherlock Holmes, Black Butler, Antique Romance, Darker than Black, Code Geass, SAO, SNK and Inu x Boku ss, you should definitely be her friend
✕ Is a professional procrastinator and most useless when dates and lists come flying
✕ Is addicted to starbucks coffee and freshly baked cookies
✕ likes writing poetry and all other flowery things
✕ takes hostages
✕ thinks you should be her friend after reading this far

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