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i am angeuchiha sasuke’s daughter
name: angel
last: uchiha
age 7-12
father: sasuke uchiha

real me behind the laptop
hello so my real name sara that only real name give you
name: sara
age 13-40
i am a animal and anime lover my fav animals is cats and dogs and wolfs foxs
fav animes naruto and naruto shippden and deathnote soul eater and many more that thinking of top of my head right now
so my goal is to watch all the anime in world before i am dead also i love read colors drawing and role playing and im horror lover and many many more thing i like i don’t many thing i hate there are few like i hate being boss around i hate people try change other mind like getting them out of some thing they love or love to do like animal and anime haters i understand haters are going to hater but why try make other hate it as well when they love it and tell you about it some things a hate people mostly annoying me about hate things i love or trying boss me about thank smarter them me and calling be hateful name other then that , thats all i hate anyways i thank some else go here i’ll add it when i can also in real life im vary busy so i might be on here all the time so that all for now have good day whoever read this and thanks for check it out


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