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Hello! I’m Storm! :D

Hi! I’ve made this account years ago and barely logged in. So now, I have no idea what I’m doing! If you have any advice or just want to chat, feel free to message me!

A little about me-
23 years old
Birthday is June 28th

About messages-
I love them! I like to chat randomly so feel free to send me a message. You wanna talk about your dog? Go ahead! You have a favorite color and you want someone to know? I’d love to hear! I like to consider myself pretty random (once I’m comfortable with someone). If you receive a message from me and we’ve never talked before- its gonna be pretty formal. From the subject being clearly stated to the “Thanks for reading! *Signed* Storm.” (Or something similar). But once I really talk to you, I tend to drop down to the ol’ “Hey, how ya doing?”

My likes-
Good friends, reading, drawing.

Im also on-
Wajas- Stormclaw (202820) I’m online everyday here.
Digis- Stormclaw (4,925)
Chicken Smoothie- StormClaw_star
Flightsrising- Stormclaw
There’s plenty more sites that I’m on so if you see a Stormclaw somewhere, feel free to ask me if I’m on that site. :)

To figure out what I’m doing here. lol


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