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fill out profiles (3/7)
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figure out outfit plans
spoil the pets

grim harvest upright, river kelpie

Ema: fresh sunflowers, jorts, picnic set, pitchfork
Eamot: foraging backpack, cartographer’s charts, compass necklace, yellow grove shrine background
Abe: suspicious spoers, field notebook, druidic cape, mushroom grove backrgound

crypt’s curse, laurel crown, leatherbound journal, leather bracers, rebel’s tatters, rich seadog sash, retro sunnies, silent scarf, spiced bouquet, forest spirit mask, sage’s secrets, sage’s shawl, bucko’s blunderbuss
immortal antlers, leafy wings, whiskers, blind eye, ancient overgrowth
meteor shower, winter wreath, kelp garden, bright bubbles
rainy day background, renewal background, whispering and/or watchful woods background, rainy stroll background, orchid gardens background, wildwood glow background

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