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Hello and Welcome!
And before you ask, I am definintly not a bear…


I don’t have that much yet but here’s an amazingly well drawn map:



(more of a reminder to myself, lol)

Pastel Star

  • Bottle of stardust
  • Holly-day Blossom
  • Let it Snow
  • Mug of Hot Coco
  • Phoenix’s Roost
  • Snowkissed Cape

For Andromida
1.Blessing of strenth
2.White dainty antlers
3.Galactic Gazing Background
4.Golden ear cuff
5.Cartographers charts
6.Leatherbound journal
7.Traveler’s cloak
8.Brown rebel’s wig

For Ollie

For Lydia

  • Black Bobtail
  • Black Loose Braid Wig
  • Dying Light Background
  • Lead the Way Lantern
  • Stony Steppers

For Hawke:
1. Druidic Cape
2. Leather Bracers
3. Starbright Mage Scarf
4. Valkyrie Sword

For Aurora
1. Dawn Sky Background

All this art is my own, DO NOT STEAL PLZ!!!

Guesstimated at 29PP-_-
Except with wolf paws that I forgot to Edit in, lol.
This guy is very important to me.  This is the one sketch that I have been drawing over and over for years, he is my oldest and favorite character. To be able to have him as a pet would be a dream come true.
Captain Brooke:

guesstimated at 33PP Christ…

Guesstimated at 20PP better…

You can take these


Flowery field



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