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The Story Teller

“I love to tell stories, through single person writing, roleplaying, artwork and brainstorming. Characters and plot lines and weaving it all together is by far a favorite past time. I enjoy writing within the platform of petsites like Mycena and others because it releases judgments I place on myself. I free myself to follow redundant, silly, or stereotypical plotlines and twists, simply because I enjoy them. It enables me to create characters that fit certain molds or even seem to repeat themselves a bit without me judging them for being unoriginal. Petsite writing is, basically, my happy place. Of course, this implies a few things. For example, I love RPing, but it has to be a no stress environment; the partner and I both have to be comfortable with long absences or speedy rapid-fire days as life allows. We need to have open communication to know when someone is feeling slighted or overwhelmed or just not feeling the story anymore. With open lines of communication, I’ve had fun, engaging character relationships continue for years! It’s what I love, and I love to share it.

I’m around typically at least once a day, so feel free to echo just to chat or with a RPing idea. I love creating universes and expanding them with partners, so if you’re interested, contact me. :D”

Read more about all my characters (as I get to writing about them, haha) in the memoirs.


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