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Profile is currently a work in progress. Yup.

Took an unexpected, extended leave of absence there, but I have returned! My roleplay skills, and my confidence in them, are still quite rusty, and I’m still working out the details of many intended characters. Your patience is appreciated, but if I’ve neglected a debt or a promised post, don’t be afraid to give me a poke. My memory isn’t quite what it used to be. ^^;


One will probably notice, I can be a touch… particular about my pet collecting habits. Pet birthdate (and ID# to a lesser extent) matching the coat’s release date/time-frame is my main priority. I also like pets within a single event to have consecutive ID#s, if possible.

While I’ll try to keep active characters at the top of the roster, I may miss someone or wish to keep a category intact. For reference, the sorting order runs as follows: RP ACTIVE, CUSTOM/SPROUT, SPECIAL, MONTHLY, SEASONAL, EVENT, BASIC. Birthdates descend within their category.

Yes, some of the feistier and chaos-inclined critters feel quite annoyed with this. They’ll learn to deal. <3

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