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The Ishy and Sapphy Show!

Sapphy’s the only one who’s any amount of active. She’s still pretty ghosty though.

aka Ishy

Editoriundae procrastinatorius

§ Editor ~ Nail Artist ~ Game Master ~ Character Creator §
§ She/Her §
§ Discord: Ishliayaq#1027 §
“Cæsar non Supra Grammaticos.”

Ishy is not open for RP.

Ishy why haven’t you written out a description yet? It’s actually making this whole profile editing thing more complicated than it needs to be. Just sit down and like… right something. Jesus.

Not the Villain I Appear To Be - Connor Spiotto

  • You have to fill this out Ishy

aka Sapphy

Artenesia candycornicus

§ Artist ~ Gamer ~ World Weaver ~ Character Creator §
§ She/Her §
§ Discord: BlackSapphire#1103 §
“I’m not crazy! My reality is just different than yours!”

Sapphy is always open for RP.

Hello, I’m Sapphy. I have 3 marbles left. Wait, let me try that again- Hi, I’m Sapphy and I love to create things. While Drawing is my usual outlet for that energy, I enjoy all forms of art. I also love Videogames and Roleplaying!

Stamp on the Ground - Italobrothers

  • Sapphy has signed up for more Virtual Petsites and Communities than she can remember.
    Including Neopets, TiH-Minis, Dragoncave, Gaia, Magistream, and others. If you think I might be there- ask and be surprised!

  • Sapphy has several typing quirks. Keep an eye out for ouo The smilie might as well be a signature. |D and ono are other ones to look out for.

Ishy’s Feather Quill Collection:
Ishy’s Playing Mantis Collection:

  • Little Nisse
  • Death’s Embrace
  • Entropy
  • Eden
  • Snow Day
  • Ethereal Ebb
  • Flowering Fawn
  • Clockwork Construct
  • Burnished Fool
  • Sweetgale Fen
  • April Showers
    • Feather Quills!!!
    • Playing Mantis
    • Fur Mantle
    • Traveler’s Dust
    • Aphid Friends
    • True Sight
    • Staff of Wintertide
    • Druidic Cape
    • Arcane Whispers (Either)
    • Honey Milk (Floaty)
    • Magic Surge Meteorite (Floaty)
    • Oni One For You (Either)
    • Crystal Catalyst
    • Ephemeral Light (Floaty)
    • Death’s Embrace
    • Trailblazer (Either)
    • ALL OF THEM Okay, for real though:
    • Shinies! (Literal Item)
    • ANYTHING Candy Corn Themed
    • Feather Quills for Ishy! :D
    • Anklet Bells

    • Foraging Backpack
    • Autumn Leaves

    • Stone Carver’s Tools

    • Pages Aflame
    • Floating Candles

    • Untamed Dark Magic x2

    • Rainbow Magical Streak

    • Magic Circle
      I’m In.

    • Drifty Enchanted Necklace

    • Nuggets > Gems
    • PP: Only When Questing
    • N/A
    • Gloomshrooms

    Sapphy’s Literal Shinies Collection:
    Sapphy’s Candy Corn Hoard Collection:


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