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Hey everyone! I thought it was about time I put something here, so here have a bit of information about me.

Name: Irefe or Ire.
Gender: Either or, doesn’t make a difference what you call me.
Age: 20.
Location: Canada.
Some things I’m interested in: Pokemon, Phoenix Wright, Zelda, Minecraft, Homestuck, Dr. Who, RPing/writing, Pet sites… There’s probably more…

Fun fact from Digis: In the Digis old AIM chat I was known as Sasuke and frequented the place there a lot, if you remember me from there (or even if you don’t!) feel free to hit me up with an echo, I know I recognize a lot of you from back then. :3

As far as RP is concerned, I do enjoy RP but due to limited time I can only handle so many. Feel free to send me an echo if you want to inquire about it, but don’t take it personal if I say no, because I don’t want to take on too much, I hope you understand. <3

Art I’m owed (because I need to keep track):
Rraynali from Sharubii (1 gem/3.6k)
Rayona & FR Dragon from Raikdow (10 gems for both)
Rayona from Hoax and Maui (2k min for 2)
Charia (Human&Animal), Kiran (Human&Animal), Lorissi (Human) and Nallia (Human) from Lady Hawkwing (#1904) (Brown Owl for all)

Stuff I owe:

Meesh 6 Gems/Nugg equivalent

And finally I will leave you with where else you can find me:

Aywas: #682 (shared with two others, name can vary.)
Windrose: Irefe (#80)
Flight Rising: Irefe (#3785)
Skype: If I get to know you, ask, but I don’t want to just give it out.


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