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I’ve started to become active here though I’m more of a lurker. :X Watch me as I attempt to make enough nuggets to buy the lovely monthly color…

Then watch me go insane from playing caved in spellstones.


October 2017 OotS stuff - pet and items
Shroom fodder (prefer active)
Leeetle Companions (prefer any flying pets)
Anything from Fungimental Magic (well except the coat shrooms, already have those)
Anything Asian themed
Driftshroom (or ingredients for it)
Art of my pets (prefer custom, sprouts, or in the Guardians/Emperors/Angels tab)


Fie’s Long Standing Account

Wow, Iffers pulled herself out of debt… for now. Let’s see how long that lasts, shall we?

(Boy Iffers sure likes to keep a running tab!)

No longer doing FR-MC inter-site trading.

Noteworthy Threads

High Priority:
Tanuki! (male/female/mushroom) *tears of joy* ; A ; Words cannot express how I feel. Thanks Tiddles!

Low Priority:
Wild Cenote
Torch gifted. Thanks Iffers!
Will ‘o the Wisp gifted. Iffers is too kind.
Shrodinger’s Cat bought
Monster Under Bed bought

Event Coats
Monthly/Common Coats

For faster response, contact me on:

FR: ChibiEnvyChan #13533
Wajas: Chibi Envy Chan #77459

Ariel (life) - in charge of everyone/ the Nut
Raphael (fire)- second in command/Mr. Too Serious for His Own Good
Michael (earth)- in charge of education/Class Clown
Gabriel (water) - in charge of fine arts (language, art, literature, etc)/Mother Hen
Uriel (wind)- in charge of stealth missions/the Flirt
Remiel (lightning)- in charge of security/Ice Cube
Zadakiel (light) - in charge of offense, attacking/Sarcastic One

Spring - Harutoshi (Toshi)
Summer - Natsukoshi (Natsu)
Autumn - Arashiki (Shiki)
Winter - Shiryuki (Yuki)

Fire - Hitori
Water - Mizune
Earth - Sekai
Wind - Kazeni
Lighting - Raiden
Metal - Kinzoku
Flora - Botan
Ice - Yuki
Mind - Chishiki
Spirit - Rei
Light - Hikari
Darkness - Kurai

Life - Seikatsu
Death - Shinemaru
Time - Kyousuke


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