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Be careful - Malware going around via Discord right now


I’ve seen a scam going around right now via Discord — you may get messaged by someone who wants your help dealing with some mission in some game, and will send you to a webpage to download a program and run it. The net effect of doing so will be:

  • stealing your discord account to message everyone in your contacts to try to spread further, and
  • doing a whole lot of awful things to your computer that you really don’t want it doing

If you end up installing this thing, you’re pretty much in “reinstall windows and change every password” territory. (If you’re curious and technically minded, you can check out a forensic report of what it does here)

Several people in the Mycena Cave discord have already been targeted, and at least two people have fallen prey to it already.

So really this is your periodic reminder to think twice when someone on the internet says “hey go here and download and install this random thing”. That sounds silly, but it’s remarkably easy to let this happen to you when it’s coming from someone you know. It’s just that in this case it could very well be that that person’s discord account has been stolen.

Remember to stay safe out there.

Posted Jun 19