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[Seasonal Shop] Warm Winter Wonders is open!
Warm Winter Wonders is now (partially) thawed and open for business!

Ever since the first heavy snowfall, Mycenians have reported hearing a very quiet drip drop off in the distance. It turns out that a certain magpie has been hard at work melting down a wall of ice. She’s made enough of a gap to reveal a cavern full of treasures behind it, and now Cho is sharing out the hoard with those who might make better use of it than she would.

Cho’s Warm Winter Wonders is only open through 23:59ST on January 21st, after which the little bird will likely retire for a much-needed break and a cup of extremely hot cocoa.

Also a reminder that we’ve added a “sort by seasonal year” option to the filters since some of the new additions were not recently uploaded!

Posted 12/21/21, edited 12/21/21
It’ll be nice to pick up some more ice shard dragons
Posted 12/21/21
Yas! I’m addicted to ice themes. I need like 40 of every item.
Posted 12/21/21
I envision a tiny birb with a flamethrower working on that ice wall xD and o.o I have that scarf in my closet!  *runs to shop…
Posted 12/21/21
more scarves and pleather jackets, oh boy I’m gonna be spending a lot xDD and longjohns?? some new options for pants are always very much welcome, thank you very much!
Posted 12/21/21
Yay! I always appreciate that the items are completely reasonable prices. Get to stock up without breaking too much in the bank :D
Posted 12/22/21
Cho is closing up shop tonight!

Just a nudge to remind everyone that today is the last day to get your winter wares!

Posted Jan 21
rofl unortunately just remembered ( and saw ) that the shop closed today so ye… got no winter items ( not even the december monthy which i really had wanted but las first remembered it ja 2nd ^^;; stressed brains should not be underestimated for forgetfulness ) have ben busy trying to get enough nuggets to be able to buy the things NOT in my collection.. oh well… next year I can cross my fingers to have more nuggets
Posted Jan 22