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[ACTIVITY] Mycena Cave Secret Santa

Welcome to the eighth annual Mycena Cave Secret Santa! If you’re unfamiliar with this activity, it’s described pretty well on the intro page, here:

Please note!

In order to participate in this Secret Santa, your account has to have been created before October 1st to be eligible. If your account is more recent than this, we hope to see you in next year’s Secret Santa!

Important dates!

November 30 at 23:59 server time: Signup deadline! No exceptions!
Sometime on December 1: Santas will be paired with their Santa’ees.
On or before December 7: Last day to establish contact with your Santa and Santa’ee via SantaMail.
On or before December 24: Deadline. Your Santa’ee should have received their present. Be a good Santa.
On or before January 7: Hard deadline. Your Santa’ee must have received their present (or proof of shipment).

If both you and your Santa are okay with it, your Santa can mail you a physical present. However, seeing as there are still many places heavily impacted by the pandemic, we are strongly encouraging digital gifts again this year. Santa’ees who do not wish to give out their name and/or address (or who would simply prefer a digital present) may select a “digital presents only” option. If you’re a Santa and you want to send someone a physical present, we’ll do our best to match you with someone who has not selected this option, but of course we can’t guarantee it.

Every year, lack of regular contact with your Santa or Santa’ee is the largest source of anxiety and most frequent cause of messages to staff about the activity. Don’t be a hard-to-reach Santa or a disinterested Santa’ee. Please keep the comms open, send your counterparts messages to let them know you’re thinking about them, and respond to messages promptly. Remember to not only be a good Santa, but also be a good Santa’ee: don’t deny your Santa the opportunity to make your day :)

Special notes or differences from Santas Past
  • The default gift-type selection is set to “digital only” so as not to encourage unnecessary outings
  • Just like last year, we no longer require any anonymity for Santas unless you choose to stay anonymous. Please feel free to identify yourself to your Santaee if you choose to (do whatever makes you happy!)

For much more info (well, all the rest of the info, in fact), head over to the Secret Santa page and get started!

Posted 11/16/21

excitement O3O it was really fun being a super santa last year. obviously im not HOPING people get flake santas, but if anyone does rest assured your back will be got ;)

Posted 11/16/21
If we are marked as a flake santa, does this mean we can never participate again? Or just not this year? ;×;
Posted 11/16/21
deertush The default is that those who flake cannot participate in the future, but we have manually re-enabled in some cases. We do require that the next year after the flake incident is skipped, but you can reach out to glitch or me after that and we can re-enable it. The logic is that flake incidents are highest with new members that don’t have a lot invested in the community (because they forget and just never log in again) or, more rarely, a long time member who just had a tough year, and the latter case it’s highly unlikely that they will flake again if re-enabled.
Posted 11/17/21
Myla Ah, okay, so if last year (2020) was my flake incident, I have to wait to ask for my participation to be re-enabled next year (2022)? I understand; thank you!
Posted 11/17/21
deertush That’s correct! <3
Posted 11/17/21

throws snow around like confetti

merry mycena cave secret santa everyone!!!!!

Posted 11/17/21
Yay it’s secret santa time again!
Posted 11/19/21
Signup deadline is tonight!
Posted 11/30/21

Santas and Santaees have been assigned!

Please reach out to your Santas and your Santaees as soon as possible. Feedback has consistently shown that the overwhelmingly most significant factor in how much someone enjoys Secret Santa is how communicative and responsive their assignees have been (in both directions). So help make someone’s holiday super by getting in contact :)

Posted 12/01/21

I just noticed now…

“marked your gift as “receieved”. You’re all set!”

LOL… feeling generous with the e’s? XD

Posted 12/26/21
Hmm… I know it’s usually “i before e”, except sometimes the “e” goes before the “i”, so better hedge and just do both :)
Posted 12/29/21
): I had hoped my gift would have arrived by now, but I hadn’t heard from my Secret Santa since Christmas last year. Didn’t mark the I didn’t receive a gift and the messaging system disappeared. What am I supposed to do?
Posted Jan 8