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Thank you for the Torch anon ^_^
Hello, I’m Jack. I’m 27, they/them or he/him. My listed nicknames are Zukana and Zuk if you don’t want to type my numbers.

*Reworking some things to make my stories canon compliant and getting rid of the “pirate” aspect*

Drum: (Captain) Captain of the ship called Archaic Destiny. They grew up without strong ties to others and crave a family of their own but had no desire to settle down in one place. They decided to become an ocean-dwelling merchant and select a crew based less on individual skill and more on whether or not their souls were compatible.

Fell: (Boatswain) She is the shipwright who built the Archaic Destiny and is in a geness with Drum. Fell also has some fire abilities. Her relationship with Drum grew during the few years it took to complete the ship.

Myth: (Quartermaster) Head Guard and First Mate on the ship. Initially she joined in order to betray the crew to her original pirate crew but saw the brutality of her first crew and changed her mind. While it took some time for the wounds of that betrayal to heal, Myth was eventually re-accepted and made First Mate.

Aeon: (Sailing Master) Initially believed to be one of the Lost, he awakened after remembering his name with the help of Myth. He takes up the position of navigator. He also seems to be developing romantic feelings for Myth, though she might not return them.

Echo: (Surgeon) Joined the crew after their adventure into the caves while investigating the cause of the severe earthquakes lead to their meeting. He takes up the mantle of doctor.

Barricade (Cade): (Rigger) He keeps the rigging in good working order and is in charge of the lights. He can usually be seen in the company of Gage or practicing his acrobatics in the lines. Some find it hard to see past his gruff exterior to the big softy underneath.

Gage: (Guard) He’s very playful and finds difficulty trusting others. He doesn’t know how to express his crush on Barricade so he plays pranks on him. His stealth is the main reason he is kept on as a guard otherwise he’d be considered a bit too troublesome.

Noir: (Chef) tbd

Amon: tbd
Achernar: (Guiding Star) tbd

Ankaa: (Guiding Star) tbd

:Arcane Whispers drasilis. enemy pirate captain. overall jerk.
Guiding stars: Sirius, Canopus, Alpha Centauri, Arcturus, Vega, Capella, Rigel, Procyon, Achernar and Betelgeuse

The Ship: Archaic Destiny. Built by Fell and captained by Drum. The ship is built to carry large loads safely and was the first of its kind to be designed for operation by members of all known species. It has two “fins” that are hide below deck until extended and rest on top of the water. It has fire-resistant properties due to the nature of the shipwright and can be operated by a minimum crew of 5, though for comfort 12 is recommended. It is a rather high-tech vessel that may or may not have some prototypes for airborne travel as well.

Two main styles: watercolor pencils and tribal and sometimes I mix the two.

^This one is a commission of a Tundra Dragon from the game Flight Rising^

I’m on a ton of different sites. All of them are under the name Zukana usually with 13731 after it.
My Flight Rising is Zukana13731 #165756
My Tumblr Art Blog is Zukana24842
My Tumblr Main is Zukana13731

My MC Art Shop is here 3/4/18 —Revamping because reasons.
My MC Buying Thread is here
If I am not on here, assume I am dealing with non-cyber reality like work or hanging out with my puppy Bulldozer.

I am willing trade art for wishlist items. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in a full or even partial art trade for them.

Creatures: Active Arcane Whispers, Tribal Flames, Blue Morpho Butterfly, Light in the Darkness, Anything space themed
Items: Katana, Immortal Mask, Soulstone Collar, Black Dainty Horns, Star Sphere, any scars or bandages, Skull Earring, Laurel Crown, Gleaming Silver Anklets, Wind Chime Earrings, Rattling Chains

12500frgx1200frt = 15,000,000frt
15,000,000frt/40mcn = 375,000mcn
375,000mcn/3600 = 105mcg
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