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had to have high high hopes for a living
shooting for the stars when i couldn’t make a killing
didn’t have a dime but i always had a vision
always had high high hopes!

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Hi! I’m RadiationFox, but feel free to call my Rad, Fox, whatever is fine. I work as a nurse at a nursing home; currently I spend a lot of my time either working, or futzing about with games and of course… pet sites! Primarily I’m on here; Mycena has really managed to steal my heart over the years. My favorite color is green and I adore Kelph. I also love monsters, so you’ll more than likely see quite a few of those from me. Anything gross, scary, or just downright abnormal usually has appeal to me. Feel free to message me via echo if you want to chat! I’m always open to roleplay; and please, if I take a while to respond, don’t take it personally. I’m super forgetful, so you’re more than welcome to give me a poke!


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