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Chibi by teaunicorn, base by Kiiuro


Hi I’m Nonny!

Site Artist Who Loves Items
They/Them | 28 | Lesbian | Autistic | Disabled
Sparkleshark on Wheels

I’m a hobby-level digital artist, now also on the Mycena art team working on items! I love to draw cute things, and collect cute toys!


Cave Painting - Next purchase :eyes: — if you have one you want to sell, give me a shout!

Needed Items: Black Breezy Wig, Black W/ Purple Tophat, Black W/ Purple Cane, Lunar Headpiece, Fangs, Suspiciously Red Beverage, Enchanted Violet Gaze

Dandylion - Pet acquired! <3

Needed Items: Cartographer’s Charts, Field Notebook, Enchanted Green Gaze, Red Neck Bow, Stack of Books, Mechanical Arm, Freckles

Dedicated Healer - Pet acquired! <3

Needed Items: Delicate Ruffles, Enchanted Silver Gaze, White Bobtail, Forest Fireflies Background, Lacy Parasol, Moveshroom, Snowdrop Crown Braid Wig, Tea Set


Purr owes me 7 PP (Changeshroom) + 1 PP (art)
Dove owes me 4 PP (Driftshroom) + 1PP (Arcane Scars)
Hoax owes me 1 PP (Hardy Mums)


About Me

Likes: Toy & record collecting, teddies, historical fashion, documentaries.
Dislikes: Insects, the dark, fatigue, hot weather, inaccessibility, dentists.
Hobbies: Art, writing, music, stuffed animal repair, being low energy.
♥ Animals: Giraffes, bears, elephants, penguins, frogs, sharks.
♥ Scenarios: Anything queer, Historical Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Fantasy

Sharklore - My best boyyyy~
teaunicorn - He got me into this site, so please blame him for any chaos I may cause XD
Purr - A CUTE SPACE BEAN who puts up with all my Mycena pestering!!
Blossomfall - SO SWEET. Probably at any given time I owe her money >.>;;
Jacq - Brain friend!!! So smart and nice to talk to!
Nyfeaena - FROG PAL!!! Just such a delight. So sweet.


None right now!

Hexes and House Renovations - Private RP with Sharklore
Leo was looking forward to summer in a small town renovating her grandmother’s home for sale. Little did she know the local vampires don’t have to be invited in.

Maid You Look - Private RP with teaunicorn
Andy is a young laundress with a crass disposition and no respect for royalty…and also Princess Sarafina’s new lady’s maid?!

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Nonnavlis is an official Mycena Cave artist.
(Non-Canon) Historically inspired OCs, typically falling in the 1890-1910 range.