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Hi I’m Nonny!

They/Them | 26 | Lesbian | Autistic | Disabled | Rolling Girl

I’m really new to Mycena and still sorting things out, but so far I like it here! I’m a hobby-level digital artist, mostly active on Toyhouse and Twitter.

I’ve been writing for a long time and would love to try a few new RPs! So if you have a plot in mind and are looking for a literate partner, feel free to give me a poke! I have samples and character bios on TH, but they require authorization ^^;;

I’m only willing to RP with other adults! 22+ please!
I only RP one on one. A group would be too much for me, as I can be slow with my replies!
I most enjoy RP-ing privately on Discord, but as Mycena has an RP-rewards system I’m sure people want to take advantage of, I can RP here too. I’d be happy to help you fill out your bingo cards!
Swearing: Absolutely yes | Sexual Content: Sure, but with some parameters | Violence: Depends | Gore: No, definitely not
I write in third person, with multiple paragraphs. I enjoy prose!
I roleplay queer humanoids (humans, demons, vampires, etc) only. Your character(s) can be any gender/orientation you like, but being another humanoid(s) is a must for me! (humanoid does not include kemonomimi or similiar CS stuff, or anthros, can include shapeshifters)
I almost exclusively write female and nonbinary characters, so if you were hoping for male characters, I’m not the Nonny for you!
While shipping is by no means a must for me, I only multiship, and I only write queer ships. Sapphism and polyamory are big appeals for me when shipping! I’m not interested in forming Geness for my pets.
On that note, I’m way too early into this game to have pets that represent any of my OCs! I know that’s normally how it’s done here, but you’d have to be okay with offsite profiles for now ^^;;
I’m pretty flexible with my interests, but my favourite settings are AU History (1890-1910 is my favourite!), Modern Fantasy, or Apocalyptic settings.

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