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Hi hello, I’m ErsatzLace but that’s a mouthful so feel free to call me Ersatz or Lace (I go by the former more nowadays but I answer to both).

Agender/Aro/Ace, they/them makes me happy, but I don’t mind she/he pronouns (just no ‘it’, k?)

24, college student majoring in English - Technical Writing focus

USA, timezone is PST but I keep odd hours so that doesn’t mean much lol

You’re unlikely to ever find me in MC chat, or any sort of chat style application (it makes my social anxiety go up the roof). This fear shall be conquered! My preferred method of communication is echoes or forums.

I’m a hobby artist and while I love worldbuilding and making characters, I’m terrible at RPing and creative writing. One day I’d like to try my hand at it. I love deliberately messing with tropes, meta/fourth wall breaking, surreal comedy, tragedies (the more ironic the better), so many alternate universes/dimension and time travel. I gravitate towards human/humanoid characters (usually, but there are exceptions). My weakness is romance-y stuff. I.. don’t really understand it.. so discuss at your own risk?


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