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Hi hello, I’m ErsatzLace but that’s a mouthful so feel free to call me Ersatz, Ers, or Erz.
Agender/Aro/Ace, they/them makes me happy, but I don’t mind she/he pronouns (just no ‘it’, k?)
26, college studentSTUDENT NO MORE AAAAAA majoring in English - Technical Writing focus
USA, timezone is PST but I keep odd hours so that doesn’t mean much lol
I’m not super into chat apps, though I may duck into the MC chat every once in a while if I can spare the time. Above all, my preferred method of communication is echoes or forums.
I’m a hobby artist and while I love worldbuilding and making characters, I’m terrible at RPing and creative writing. One day I’d like to try my hand at it. I love deliberately messing with tropes, meta/fourth wall breaking, surreal comedy, tragedies (the more ironic the better), so many alternate universes/dimension and time travel. I gravitate towards human/humanoid characters (usually, but there are exceptions). My weakness is romance-y stuff. I.. don’t really understand it.. so discuss at your own risk?
I super love Sprouts! If you’re interested in a temp aesthetic geness with any of my characters for Sprouts, feel free to PM me!

I Owe:
Am Owed:

Amaretto (Round 6 Edit)
Atholl (Round 1-2 Edits)
Mirin (Round 1-3 Edits)
Jehudiel (Round 1-3 Edits)
->maybe a Sprout here?
Syn (Round 1-6 Edits)
Miahn (Round 1-7 Edits)
Spica (Round 1-? Edits)
M (Custom - 48PP)
Covenant Custom
Vetis (Custom - 49PP)
Ho-jun Custom
Jiulin Custom


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