10:13 ST
Stars denote priority.
  • *Custom Candycorn Queen; est 20PP
  • Flame Heart Dagger
  • Lightning Bo Staff
  • Chained or Cherished
  • True Sight
  • Valkyrie Sword
  • ***Of All My Characters***
  • http://toyhou.se/BlackSapphire/characters
  • If you have Character/Art questions- shoot me an Echo, Note on dA, or an MM on Digis!
  • Or if you just want to message me your commission prices.
  • Remember if you do art to have fun with it! :D

aka Sapphy

Artenesia candycornicus

Sapphy is considerably more active over on Digis if you are trying to get ahold of her that’s more likely to get a quick response.

§ Artist ~ Gamer ~ World Weaver ~ Character Creator §
“I’m not crazy! My reality is just different than yours!”

Hello, I’m Sapphy. I have 3 marbles left. Wait, let me try that again- Hi, I’m Sapphy and I love to create things. While Drawing is my usual outlet for that energy, I enjoy all forms of art. I also love Videogames and Roleplaying!

  • Sapphy has signed up for more Virtual Petsites and Communities than she can remember.
  • These include: Neopets, TiH, Dragoncave, Gaia, Magistream, Goatlings, and more.
  • Sapphy is a Site Artist on Digis.
  • Sapphy is working on a Webcomic: http://JAAComic.com
  • Links to Roleplays are in my Pet’s Bios.
  • Characters can be RP’d here, on Digis, or via some other method; just talk to me. ouo

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