11:08 ST
hello! Im new! my name is ErinBurr but feel free to just call me Erin!
Posted 10/04/22

Suuuuper late, but welcome to Mycena Cave ErinBurr! Hope you’ve been enjoying the site so far, good luck with the event! :D

EDIT: oop forgot to mention, I recommend joining the discord server if you haven’t already! It’s more active than the forums haha

Posted 11/08/22, edited 11/08/22

Thanks for the welcome! I have been enjoying it!
I will try to join discord as soon as I can but I typically don’t have access to a device that doesnt have blockers around that.
I love the ace flag on your avatar!
Any tips for the event?

Posted 11/09/22

Thanks for the compliment! ^_^ I was so happy to see all the LGBT+ options that the site has! Glad to hear that you’ve been having a good time :)

For the event, what I’ve been doing so far is hoarding my charms until I can get either the Stone Keeper, Copper Clasp, or Burning Lands wards. I only go fairy hunting after I have three wards so I can take as many as possible since I’m not very good at the battleship mechanic lol. I also keep the bell on so that I hear when I can get another charm. I’ve got a total of 139 points so far, so I think this strategy is working for me.

And definitely check out the Give a Boon, Get a Boon thread so you can give and get boons!

Posted 11/09/22