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I'm New
Hello I’m new and have no idea where to begin.Help would be appreciated :))
Posted 09/17/22

Hello MoonofDark and welcome to MC!

Since I haven’t been around for long either, I can’t explain everything to you about how things work here. But time will tell, I think.

Nevertheless, here are some useful links:

For the beginning:

There you will find everything important with nice explanations (You also find it under “Help” -> “Knowledgebase”!) and the formatting guide is always above your post.

Since the site focuses on role playing, here are a few useful links:


And that’s it! I hope I could help you! (^-^)

Posted 09/18/22

In addition to roleplaying, MC also rewards other creative activities! You can earn site currency (and stickers) by creating profiles for your pets (Chamber of Reflections; CoR) or working on assorted writing and art prompts (Creative Collective; CC) each month.

If you’re more into the collection side of pet games, I’d suggest figuring out which of the games under the ‘Game’ tab is easiest or most fun for you; you can earn 3,600 nuggets each day from the games, plus a bit extra from fishing. If you make the maximum amount each day, that means you’ll have enough for the monthly pet and one of each item within 16 days (you can exchange nuggets for gems by clicking on the ‘gems’ part of the top banner)! There’s also a user-run shop that helps new players get pets for a bit cheaper than usual, and crafting (found under ‘Places’) can help you get started with some equippable items just using items found around the site from fishing or random pop-up banners!

Finally, if you like chatting with people (or if you want to ask questions and maybe get faster responses!), MC has a discord server. You have to follow the instructions in order to join. If you run into any issues you can always ask for help in the forums or by using the Contact Us page (found in the banner at the bottom of the site).

Posted 09/18/22