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It's been a while-

And by a while I mean it’s been about seven years since I dipped my toes back into this place. So I figure I should say hello again since it’s been that long.

Greetings, my name is Saffron, you may call me Saff. I’m a bit of an old crow and very tired most of the time, but willing to talk and sketch about. I am unsure what to do with this account since I put in a lot of energy into it back in the day and I don’t exactly know if I should let go of some of the coats I have or just linger about and offer the few talents I have.

Besides that, hello again.

Posted 08/09/22

Hi, Saffronic! Welcome back :D The summer event is happening later this month and there are a ton of ongoing creative activities now, so there’s definitely things to do if you’re interested in coming back in full force. ovo

You also might want to take a look at the new user guide if you haven’t already, even though you aren’t technically new >u>

Posted 08/10/22

Welcome back Saffronic! Like Purr said there is a tone of creative juice inducing activities now to do on a monthly basis that are super helpful in character creation and fleshing them out! I feel you on the tired front though, I work ten hours days so tired is basically my middle name! As far as the coats and the like, I wouldn’t do anything with them right now! Take some time to reacquaint yourself with the site and the coats and then if you find you aren’t as fond of some of them as you were you can yeet them into the sells bin.

You said sketch about, do you like to draw?

Posted 08/10/22

Hello Purr! thank you so much for the welcome back! I had a moment in the official Discord so I got updated on a few things. Thank you for the link however, I took a look as well. And thank you for the invite for the Creative Events!

Hi Epipen! Thank you for the welcome back and oof… I feel you. I work 8 to 10 hours five days a week so samesies. I hope you get enough rest along the way! And yeah I took your advice and took a moment before making a sales thread for the coats I’m not as attached to. I have quite a few I’m letting go of.

And yes, I do draw quite a lot actually :0 here’s some examples:

Posted 08/12/22

Saffronic Those are amazing! Ahhh I love legend of zelda. Even if 95% of my time was spent not playing the game and simply spent running around on Epona. Those are very very impressive! Do you offer commissions? Totally asking for a friend >> (Me, I’m the friend). Oh sheesh I hope you get to rest too! D: 10 hour days is just so long. I almost miss 8 hour days but also at least I get more days off this way. That’s awesome! I hope you get some good sales on those coats!

I do see you have a PWYW shop open for specifically MC pets! Curious still if you offer irl (money) commissions~!

Posted 08/12/22, edited 08/12/22

Epipen Thank you so much!! I do take commissions for irl money, yes :0c I draw humans, animals and furries (I especially love birds).

Aaa which LoZ game did you play? It sounds like it was BotW but I could totally be wrong since OoT/MM and TP also had Epona ; v ; But ngl, I spent more of my time collecting food stuffs and running around on Epona as well in BotW. I love it so much! I can’t wait for BotW 2!

Yeah I’m off for a week now since I collected enough time! I hope you get some time off too on your end!

Posted 08/13/22