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Hiya, I’m Radiostatic! I just joined up today.

I’m a big fan of virtual pet sites, and I enjoy a bit of rp on the side (Though it’s been a while so I’ll need to get back into the habit of posting regularly).

I’m really interested in animation and art, and enjoy watching various shows with my friends and gushing about them together!

I’m hoping that I can make a few friends on here and just have a nice place to hang out and roleplay with others.

Posted Jan 6

Hello! Welcome to Mycena Cave! :) if you’re into RPing or otherwise just enjoy making characters and being creative, this is a great place to be! Everyone here is really creative and there are all sorts of writing/art/RP activities. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, there’s also the New Player’s Handbook which is a good resource too.

What shows are you into right now?

Posted Jan 6

Hey, thanks for the warm welcome! I’ve given the New Player’s Handbook a look over already and am in the process of creating some characters already! <3

As for what I’m watching right now, nothing at the moment. Everything I’ve taken interest in lately has gone on hiatus so I’m just kinda waiting lol. I’m open to any recommendations however!

Posted Jan 6

Welcome to the site, RadioStatic! That’s great to hear that you’ve already started working on some characters. You probably already saw this in the handbook, but just a reminder that you can earn nuggets for your work on your characters if you post them to the Chamber of Reflections!

What are some of your favorite shows, and the ones you were watching that are on hiatus? I haven’t started watching the new season of Aggretsuko yet since I’m using it as a personal incentive to get some other things done, but I’m excited to watch it!

What sort of art do you enjoy? Do you have favorite animators or animated works?

Posted Jan 6

Welcome RadioStatic! There’s a pretty active Discord server if you are interested in that sort of thing! The players here are pretty friendly, so if you have any questions or need some general pointers, please feel free to ask!

Ehehhee. I am still getting through the more recent seasons of Aggretsuko, myself.

Posted Jan 7