04:25 ST
Returning Player

Hello! I created an account ages ago but hardly logged on for the first year or so then completely forgot about my account. Just remembered I had an account here so I’ve come back to take a look around. I’m currently reading through the New Player Handbook since I’m basically new. After that I will be brushing up on the rules to make sure I’m aware of the do’s and don’ts!

A little about me-
My name is Stormclaw but feel free to call me by my nickname Storm.
I’m a 23 female enjoying the married life. Currently have no pets but I love animals. Still trying to convince the hubby to let me get a cat again. I play on Wajas (ID 202820) and I’m online there every day. I’d love to make friends here and learn more about the site. I’m pretty friendly. :)

Feel free to throw any advice my way or send me a message for anything!

Edit: I’ve also joined the discord!

Posted May 14, edited May 14