22:31 ST
h-hewwo? is anyone thewe?
ok sorry for the cursed title lol but am new! im bad at replying sometimes but id like to make some friends, im severely autistic so pls be patient with me! ;;;
Posted 11/01/20


Hello and welcome!
Mycena Cave is a really welcoming site, so if you’re looking for friends, you’ve come to the right place! Have you been finding your way around okay? I’m happy to answer any questions you have, just ping me with [@Hyasynthetic]!

I also see you were asking about stickers! We’ve just started with the Drawntlet, which gives you a sticker for a week of participation! Marcy’s Pumpkin Carving is also running until the 7th, and that one gives you a sticker as well!

Posted 11/02/20


thank u!! unfortunately im not very good at art but i might try a pumpkin!! c:

Posted 11/02/20

Hello, dragonfrost! Welcome! :)

Just a heads up, these: ‘[ ]’, have to be around the @username in order for the ping to work, like this: [ @ username ], without the spaces. You’ll know you did right when the username is blue and clickable.

Posted 11/02/20, edited 11/02/20
aahhh thank u Crycket !
Posted 11/03/20
dragonfrost You’re welcome! :)
Posted 11/03/20