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This is my first time actually posting a, “Hello, I’m new here.” thread but I felt it wouldn’t trouble anyone with how nice I’ve noted the community to be! Brought over here from FR I’m a little overwhelmed! There’s a LOT to digest. I’ve been slowly hacking away at games but boy does it seem a little… slow going?

What’s the best way to work up some nuggets aside from games? Writing was suggested but I’ve yet to go through the lore (unless there is interest outside of in-game work or lore isn’t a necessity) but I’m looking for other ways to build up the ol’ bank!

Thanks to everyone stopping by and a big ol’ hello from your local shiny blue pup!

Posted Mar 10

Houndour Hello! And sorry I’m responding to this so late, only just now saw this!

Fishing could be another good way to make nuggets, you get ten tries to catch something, and whatever you catch you can go to your inventory, click on the fish and thin click the red ‘sell’ button(though some things you catch, you might want to keep). And then, you might not catch anything..

You don’t have to stick to the Mycena cave canon to role play here, there’s a area in the role playing section of the forums called ‘Other Stories’ for non-canon role plays!

And one more tip: In order to get someone’s attention in the forums, type [ @ username ] without the spaces.

Posted Mar 15