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The Ultimate User Directory!

Hi! Mycena is a small, but thriving community, and although I’ve been on here since 2016 and took three years off, I don’t know very many of you, except for a few! So hi! But also, I figured it would be fun if there was some kind of ultimate icebreaker thread, so you can find people who share similar interests as you!

I’ll start it off! You can answer as much as you want & you can add if you want! Also, its probably a given, but don’t give away any specific personal information.




Called: Fishie
Preferred pronouns: she/her
Hails from: Ohio, USA
Timezone: GMT -5/EST -5
Works as: Visitor Experience Interpreter (at a zoo) / student!


Color: Yellow or Aquamarine/Teal
Animal: Birds (not fishes surprisingly) & Madagascar Hissing cockroaches
Gemstone: Opal or Firestone
Number: 665.9
Music genre: All sorts, but Classic rock, Indie, Pop, Dance, instrumental, some rap
Subject in school: Art or History
Season: Fall
Foods: French fries, Chips (ie. crisps), indian food, greek food, salads, cheese, sweet tea
Video games: Assassin’s Creed, Bioshock, Viva pinata, Elder Scrolls, The Witcher
Movies: IT (remakes), Lion King, Epic, Lord of the Rings, Marvel movies, Equilibrium
TV/web series: Critical Role, Locke & Key, Lucifer, MLP:FiM, Supernatural, Merlin, She-Ra, Queer Eye, The Mandalorian (ie. The Baby Yoda Show), The Witcher
Books: Harry Potter series, All Quiet on the Western Front, Ender’s Game, Percy Jackson series, Warriors series, Non-fiction animal books, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, The Witcher series

Real Life!

Hobbies: Drawing, Reading, Netflix shows, Training my pets
Dream vacation: 2 weeks paid time-off to basically anywhere that I’ve never been to
Dream job: Bird zookeeper/trainer at a respectable zoo or Outreach Educator/Abatement falconer
Bucket List: Visit every continent, Win the lottery, Horseback ride on a beach, Fly an Eagle
Weird abilities: I am double jointed in my thumbs
Things I want to learn: Cooking, Piano, Spanish/Italian, Archery, Coding, Falconry
Pets?: Yes! I have a dog, a cat, a gecko, a python, a betta fish, a tarantula, and a colony of madagascar hissing cockroaches

Mycena Life!

Favorite Pet: Probably Severin?
Enjoy doing: Roleplaying, Drawing, Collecting Pets, Collecting items, Doing events
First custom/sprout: n/a (for now)

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Hi hi :D


Called: Huli
Preferred pronouns: she/her
Hails from: Magical land of Finland
Timezone: UTC +2
Work as: Game dev


Color: All pastels but maybe purple
Animal: Dogs, snow leopard maybe
Music: Does game music count as it’s own genre? xD Also love when classical intsruments are combine with rock
Food: Chinese, Japanese, bubble tea, (also junk food…)
Video games: ffxiv, harvest moon, rune factory, bloodborne were the first ones that came to mind
Movies: Aaah this is too hard xD How to train your dragon
Series: Maybe ATLA, Witcher
Books: Howl’s moving castle

Real life:

Hobbies: Gaming, drawing
Pets?: One old kitty but lives with my parents. One day will get a doggo.
Things I want to learn: Get good at drawing. Maybe learn Chinese

Mycena life:

Favorite Pet: I love so many pets but I might lean a bit towards Sui
Enjoy doing: Events, Dress up, drawing (and rp even if I’m not really experienced in it)
First custom/sprout: Sui <3

Posted Mar 1