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hewwo uwu
hi there im new here !!! c: id appreciate any tips, especially on how to earn nuggets ! ;w; im trying to save up for my first animal coat X3 !
Posted 02/28/20

Hi elmo! Welcome to MC!

You’ll find the community here can be slow to move - it’s not like many other sites with lots of forum posts every day - but everyone’s quite friendly. I hope you stick around for a while!

You can ping players, like I did for you above, by going Username. It’s a great way to get people’s attention.

A good place to start is checking out the new player handbook. It gives brief descriptions of a lot of the important aspects of the site. If anything in it confuses you or you want more information on a topic, feel free to ask me! I’ve been around for quite some time so I probably know the answer.

In terms of earning nuggets, you can make 3,000 per day by playing the games. You can also earn a bit of extra by posting in certain forms, especially the RP forms. This isn’t a great way to make money though. Games tend to be the big source of income! It can be tedious at first, but if you play them every day you can make enough to always get the monthly pet and items!

Edit: Oof, it took me long enough to find it, but Jacq also sells pets for cheap to new users! You can look at their stock here. You’ll still have to save up but that’s true for everything on this site. ;)

You can also make some gems by participating in the creative collective. We’re right at the end of this month so you might not have time for the February prompts, but there will be new ones in March!

Posted 02/28/20, edited 02/28/20

Hi, elmo! Welcome!

If you have an eye for matching colors, then Potions Master can be an easy way to make nuggets(you might even earn an equippable potion for your pet)!

Posted 02/29/20