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Hello there!

My name is opinionatedcurlyfry, but you can call me Curly :3

I love writing stories and such and hope I’ll enjoy myself here. (it seems like a pretty cool place)
I’ve outlined where my Mycenians live and what they do (they’re in a cult of sorts) and I’ll be expanding the story later I suppose.

Hope I’ll see you all around!

Posted Jan 22


Hello! I’m also new. I just joined the 19th. I adore your lore! I’m pretty interested in religious stuff, especially cults. Mine’s less focused on religion, but my group, the Shadows, is bound together by survival (and a bit of religion too). You can read about it on my page if you like! ^^ Speaking of which, I think they have a little something for the House of Faded Roses.

Also, to notify/ping someone on here, do [ @username] without the space! It’s the only way to notify someone in a forum post on here.

I look forward to watching your story develop!

Posted Jan 22

Hello, Opinionatedcurlyfry, and welcome!

Your lore sounds cool! Mine doesn’t focus on religion at all, but maybe a little bit on survival. It’s a group of Mycenians who are running an Inn, They mainly help newly carved Mycenians get settled in to their new home in the cave. They don’t even really charge anyone money to stay at the Inn!

If you’re ever a little lost on using the site, the New Player’s Handbook, and Knowledgebase may help!

Posted Jan 22
BugInTheWater Crycket Tysm for the warm welcome :D Your lore sounds really cool, as well~
Posted Jan 23