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(Peeks in) hi~^^ I'm hoping too meet new people. (18 or older)
Hey there cx I’m Heather, 24. I like anime, manga, reading, and writing. Pokemon , fanfic, and cartoons too. I have Aspergers, ocd, and depression. I have two wonderful partners, one of which I’m going too be having a commitment ceremony with.  I hope it’s okay too see if we can chat on discord. Or something like that. Anyhow hope too meet you all and see the ropes of this site!
Posted 05/23/19

havvestmoon66 Hello! Nice to meet you! Have you poked at the New Players Guide? It’s under the Help dropdown. Also if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, people here are super friendly.

It’s always good to meet another Pokémon fan, can I ask which is your favorite?

Posted 05/23/19


Thank you for the warm welcome cx I love eevee. How about you?

Posted 05/23/19
Is this site active?
Posted 05/25/19, edited 05/25/19

Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you! ^-^ If you have any questions feel free to echo me. c: 

In response to your last post, this site is rather small and most people are either a bit reclusive or incredibly busy, so it can take a while for people to get back to each other. It’s more of a casual site. A good way to make friends though is either to find people to plot stories with (the classifieds forum is a good place for that) or if you’re on during an event people will be in the live chat (unfortunately it tends to be fairly, if not completely empty these days unless there’s an event on :c ).

Congrats on your eminent commitment ceremony! :D
What types of things do you like to read and write? (Also, if you feel like writing on Mycena then you should check out the creative collective!)

Posted 05/25/19
Hey it’s been a long while since I logged in! World anyone like too chatter again?
Posted 11/05/19