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Trade Policies

Trade policies are now entirely contained within our Rules and Guidelines, specifically in the Policies - Trades section.

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Before trading with other players, please familiarize yourself with these policies:

1. Prices are what you agree upon

There are no “list-prices” for things on Mycena Cave. They sell for whatever someone is willing to sell for. It is perfectly fine to try to find a general consensus of what the price for something should be, but it is entirely up to the seller as to whether they will sell and for how much. Ultimately, the seller decides on the price. If you agree to pay a given price, then you agree that whatever it is that you are buying is worth equal or more to you than the price you are paying.

2. Prices may not include real money

You may not sell anything on Mycena Cave for real money, or anything which could readily be sold for real money (including prepaid visa cards, gift cards, etc). This is for tax reasons, and there are no exceptions.

3. Each party is responsible for verifying that they are receiving what they expect.

The trade system on Mycena Cave requires both parties explicitly accept a trade since it was last modified before it can go through. As such, once a trade has taken place, it is final. If you are dissatisfied with a trade and you both come to an agreement, you may agree to reverse a trade by trading back, but this is not required from any party. If you do choose to reverse a trade and trade fees were involved, it is up to you to agree on how to resolve them.

4. There is no fine print

Sales are final with no strings attached: no party may impose restrictions on anything post-trade. For example, as a seller you may not require that a certain thing be done with an item or a pet you are selling, much like a buyer may not tell you how to spend what they are paying you. You may for example have an informal agreement that a pet should be RP’ed, but if whoever ends up with the pet chooses not to, that is entirely within their rights. That is to say, as a seller, you relinquish any and all rights to whatever it is that you are selling.

5. Off-site trades are inherently risky

An off-site trade is any trade which does not take place entirely within the Mycena Cave trading system. Since they are not governed by the mechanism in which both parties need to put up all parts of the trade and accept them, they are by definition risky. If you choose to engage in off-site trades, you do so entirely at your own risk. Our moderators will try to ensure that all parties live up to their agreements, but we will not refund goods or currencies lost through such a trade, and cannot compell members or administrators of other websites to do likewise.

6. Disputes are to be resolved privately, or taken to a moderator

If you are dissatisfied with a trade for whatever reason, try to work it out with whoever you traded with. Once a trade has completed, your responsibilities to each other are over, but if assume that they have not wronged you purposefully in your exchange, you will likely find that they are willing to to work with you. If this does not work out and you feel wronged, take your concern to a moderator. It is inappropriate to complain publicly on the forums or in chat.

Posted 05/07/14, edited Jul 26