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[S] Old OotS & Event Items
For Sale:

- leaf hat, midsummer fantasia, fiendish companion, mug of hot cocoa
- gears of time, lighted lantern, aviator’s goggles, flower trio
- faerie ring, wind chime earrings, bold rebel’s wig, blue rose collar
- giant hibiscus, head in the clouds, mage scarf, katana
- phoenix sparks, soulstone collar, immortal mask, cozy knit scarf





+ nuggets/pp/gems
+ fodder
+ art (human pref., but any art is Good Art!)


  • Echo offers are fine, but if I don’t reply in a day or so please give me a (gentle) poke! I likely meant to reply and forgot.
  • Not interested in any off-site currency besides fr gems in bulk, but I prefer mc overall.
  • I’m willing to work out holds or payment plans, but I’d prefer around half up front. Just give me a poke and I’m sure we can work something out.
Posted 03/06/14, edited 12/10/19
30 gems on the Brown wood owl
Posted 03/06/14
Noted! I’ll probably leave him up through the weekend at least, by the way. We’ll see what kind of offers I get and how crazy irl is, heh.
Posted 03/06/14
I have a Monster and would be interested in your spring sprout
Posted 03/07/14

Hm. That’s tempting… I may want a little more for it though? I dunno. I’m still having a little trouble deciding whether to sell it off or not. ;o; I’ll go ahead and note it down, though. Thanks!

(and sorry for being so wishy-washy eek)

Posted 03/07/14
I don’t think I’ll be adding anything onto it considering the Monster is rarer but you can keep it in mind~
Posted 03/07/14

Okey doke! It’s definitely just me trying to weigh which I’d rather have versus actual site rarities, so it’s all just a matter of my personal perspective… So don’t feel pressured to add any more than you’re comfortable or anything! I’m just so wishy-washy about the whole darn shroom.. I didn’t expect to get one and said if I did I’d go ahead and sell it.. but now here I am… kinda attached. ahah. /ramble

and okay I’m just going to stop rambling and go to bed, eheh. I’ll think on it and let you know in a day or so probably? Thanks! ;;

Posted 03/07/14

Shizuo: I’m going to go ahead and accept your offer on the owl! Can you cover the one-way trade fee? I… completely forgot about that. eheh.

katt: Still thinking on your offer. Figure I’ll wait until the end of the weekend or so to see if any other offers pop up and give me time to consider everything.

Also updated the first post! Kimono potentially up for sale now, too.

Posted 03/07/14
Sure ouo I’ll start the trade.
Posted 03/07/14
Shizuo: Oh, excellent! Thanks! c:
Posted 03/07/14
No problem, finished the trade~ :D
Posted 03/07/14

I took some time to think about it and I’m going to retract my offer
I don’t want another sprout as much as I thought I did lol

Posted 03/07/14

No problem! Thanks for the heads-up. c:

edit: anddd decided to toss an obi up for sale too!

Posted 03/08/14, edited 03/08/14
What would an offer of 30k on the Kimono mean to you?
Posted 03/08/14
50k on the Kimono.
Posted 03/08/14
I’ve got a spirit dove and 4gems I can offer on the obi
Posted 03/08/14
I can give 36k on the Kimono and 3 gems… possibly more in the future
Posted 03/08/14

Sorry about the late reply!  I didn’t expect to be without internet all weekend. eek!

Anyway, at the moment I prefer Nyx’s offer on the kimono but ideally I’d like more for her. ;;

Also, Hera, I kinda like that offer on the obi. If no-one else offers by the end of the day I’ll probably accept that.

Again super sorry about the late reply! And I’m on my phone rn so apologies for any errors and such.

Posted 03/11/14
Nudging this up.
Posted 03/13/14
I am going to have to withdraw my offer. Sorry.
Posted 03/16/14
was my offer noticed? x3
Posted 03/16/14

Dragon Lord Nyx: Thanks for the notice.

Kay Mentrae: Yup! I have it listed in the first post. However, I’m not sure I would sell her for that much. The kimono was the third ever monthly pet and I value them kinda highly. And since I just sold an owl which came out a month after them for 30 gems I’m not sure I would accept anything less than that for her. ;;

edit: also sorry again for the late reply! I finally have wi-fi hooked up again so I should be much speedier about updates and such.

Posted 03/18/14, edited 03/18/14
Awwww, alright XP well the offer still stands if you ever change your mind :3 and it’s ok, glad you wi-fi is working! :D
Posted 03/18/14

Kay Mentrae: Okey doke! Regardless, I’ll let you know what I decide.

And thanks! It’s sooo nice being able to use my pc again instead of stealing wi-fi on my phone ehe.

Posted 03/18/14, edited 03/18/14

x3 wish I could say the same lol I steal my neighbors’ internet all the time D;
And thank you :3

Posted 03/18/14, edited 03/18/14
I’d like to offer 50k nuggets on the kimono.
Posted 03/24/14

Phage: Noted! You have the current high bid, but I’m still not sure if I’d be willing to let her go for so little as I previously stated. hm. I’ll still consider your offer, but I may take her down this weekend if I don’t get something I find more enticing. Sorry.

Also sorry again about the late replies. I finally have internet again.. for real this time. Computer threw a fit after the move, eheh. Everything is all sorted out now.. unless I’ve just jinxed myself again. orz

Posted 03/25/14
That’s allright! I’m still trying to save up my nuggets but I thought I’d offer what I have anyway :>
Posted 03/25/14
Would you be interested in an Ombre Flower Mushroom, a Briers of Rose Mushroom, and 30k for the kimono?
Posted 04/02/14

Hmm. I don’t need either, but… hmm. I suppose I could always sell them later or something. >3> I’ll consider it! ...unless you have more nuggets/gems instead? hee

Alsooo I really need to hop in bed. I’ll be sure to check this tomorrow after work!

Posted 04/02/14