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Completed my Wren collection! 8D

So I’ve been a big fan of Wren‘s work since I joined the site, and made it my goal to collect each Wren coat.

Thanks to Inktober, I’m finally there! Lacey Magpie joined the gang today, and my Wren collection is complete!

(And just wanna put it out there, I’m always open to purchasing Wren customs/sprouts!)
Shoutout to Lycan for selling me Ruby Topaz last year! :D


Bleeding Heart Dove
(OoTS Jan 2014)

Briers of Rose
(Event 2014)
First drifty of this coat!

Ren (no relation lol)
Ruby Topaz
One of the first sprouts on MC (2014)

Pearly Depths
(Event 2014)

Lacey Magpie
(Secret Coat 2014)

Golden Thread Cordyceps
(OoTS Oct 2014)

Spell Weaver Upright
(Event 2014)

Spell Weaver Active
(Event 2014)

White-Spotted Jellyfish
(OoTS July 2015)

Haunted Hound
(Event 2015)

Posted 11/02/19, edited 11/02/19
Oh my goodness, it’s beautiful!! Wren has such an eye for color, it’s so cool to see them together like that. Congratulations on completing your collection! <3333
Posted 11/02/19
omggg CONGRATS! Especially on that sprout, god it’s such a beautiful one!
Posted 11/02/19
Wren come check this out it’s so sweet! <3
Posted 11/02/19

Oh my GOSH this is so incredibly flattering and sweet and amazing!? It’s such an honor to see all my coats in a gallery like this. I’m truly humbled you enjoy my work so much ;__; I’m so happy for you that you got your Lacey Magpie and completed your collection!

Thank you for sharing this and for enjoying my coats! This absolutely made my night so special ;o; ❤ ❤ ❤

Posted 11/02/19
Ohh this is so cool! Congrats!! Big fan of Wren’s work myself. ❤
Posted 11/02/19
Yay! I was thinking of you during Inktober and hoping you could get a Lacey Magpie. I’m glad I could help out and that you reached such an awesome goal :3!!
Posted 11/03/19, edited 11/03/19

Wahh ty everyone…this has been literally years in the making and I’m still over the moon about it. ^^

Myla Thanks so much for the chance to win GCS coats from inktober—I don’t know how long Lacey would’ve taken me without that opportunity. xD

Lycan Wanna say again thanks for being so awesome for selling Ruby Topaz and helping me navigate the process so smoothly <3 I am so happy to have them~

and Wren thank you so much for your gorgeous work for the site!

Posted 11/04/19