19:55 ST
[H] FR T/G, many items (incl. '13-'14 festival, UM accents) [W] MC, art

1 nugget: 25 treasure
1 FR gem: 40 nuggets

Current Stock

Treasure: 500k
Gems: 500


Imgur album here!

(Note: Windbound Plumage is no longer available!)


Please feel free to check my bestiary here—everything is up for grabs!


All Sprites except Light, Arcane and Fire; multiple copies of Water
All Acolytes/Spirits
All Goblins


Includes: Festival, Marketplace, Swipp, User-Made

Warning for large images under spoilers! Crossed out items have either been sold or are not for sale. Text list and separate list of usermade accents are included.

Screenshots and text lists are not 100% up-to-date so I apologise sincerely if it turns out I sold something and forgot to cross it off — I’ve been putting up my UM accents on the AH and have not been tracking very carefully, so probably some are gone 8’) If you’re interested in something, please let me know and I’ll track down if I still have it.

Link to full album: here
UM = user-made

*screenshots for festival skins are not 100% updated at this time, but the usermade accent list is updated!

Row 1: Overload, Stormlight, Constellation (MP), Dusty Nebulae, Plaguetouch, Terra Cotta
Row 2: Stone Sentinel, Golden Blizzard (UM), Winterborn, Icefield, Icecore, Sculpted, Frost Weathering
Row 3: Black Ice, Hidden in Shadow, Mystical Glow, Shadowbinder, Dark Fortune, Sheer Shadow, Ghost Shrooms
Row 4: Glow, Glow, Glow, Glow, Gilded Breeze, Navigator, Scripted Wind, Kitedancer, Starlight Flight x1 (other sold)

Row 1: Armor of Wings, Windy Days, Chargedtune (MP), Seashore x1 (other sold), Jollyfisher, Seaboxer
Row 2: Oceanguard, Drowned Spirits, Jiggly Jolly Jelly, Tidal Warrior, Ocean Blues, Barnacle Loaf, Abyss
Row 3: Treeborn, Cone Lantern, Overgrowth, Seedling, Shrieking Wilds, Forest Faerie, Orange Harvester
Row 4: Orange Harvester, Cinderwood, Roots, Primavera, Golden Glamour (UM), Amber Light, Faerie Lights

Row 1: Faerie Lights x2, Nebulosa, Light’s Consort, Lightburst Flora, Aurora’s Light
Row 2: Aurora’s Light, Shining Peacock Feathers, Sun Seamstress, A Welcoming Tower, Ancient Desert Runes (UM), Golden Gleam (UM)
Row 3: Silver Splendor Ice (UM), Silver Splendor True (UM), Surgelight x1 (1 sold), Forgotten Construct x2
Row 4: Electropunk, Electric Ruler x2, Alive By Lightning, Tesla Coil x2, Fractured Lightning

Row 1: Fractured Lightning, PlasmaBelly, Luminous Surge, Thundertouched, Golden Glister (UM), Golden Glitz (UM)
Row 2: Cinderheart x2, Smoke Chaser, Firebird Feathers, Molten Surge, Crumbling Phoenix, Igniteus
Row 3: Flameheart, Construct of Flame, Glowing Methane, MagmaBorne, Starsinger
Row 4: Abberation, Dracolich, Crimson Emperor (Coli), Dioptase, Malachites Loyalty, Stonebound

Row 1: Stoneswept Arabesque x2, Rose Noct Core (UM)
Row 2: Frozen Berries, Cold Morning, Icy Impression, Frigid Abyss
Row 3: Angler x3 (Swipp), Energy Trap x2 (Swipp)
Row 4: Eldritch Spores, Slimemother, The Fool, Bramble Jester

Row 1: Darkside of the Moon, Umbral Tears, Twilight Filigree (UM), Research Notes (Swipp), Maren Wavesinger (Coli), Octoflyer (Coli)
Row 2: Gilded Glass, Splash x2
Row 3: Fishtivities, Little Lion, Kelp, Song of Waves, Leviathan Spirit
Row 4: Sea Creature, Garden Guardian, Botanys Back, Bark Warrior, Springly Sprouts, Rafflesia Fairy, Wild Predator

Row 1: Are You Glade, Orbkeeper, Glade Golem, Dewdrops, Sylvan Swirls, Sunbreak
Row 2: Sunstone Sentinel, Sundaze
Row 3: Twinkle little star (UM), Fertility Queen (Swipp), Blue Mineral x2 (Swipp), Mana Relic x3 (Swipp)
Row 4: Mana Relic (Swipp), Creeping Circuits, Result of Science, Dancing Conductor, Electrician’s Night, Thunder Spear, Little Volt

Row 1: Thundervolt, Down for Maintenance, Storm Taken, Mother of Circuit, Surge
Row 2: Grand Cupid (UM), Velvet Devil (UM), Grande Cupid (UM), Furnace Queen, Blacksand Creature
Row 3: Lava Eater, Kindling King, Rock and Flame x2, Skogsbrand
Row 4: Cooling Embers, Ignis, Infernal Fur, Wildfire, Volcanic Queen x3

Row 1: A Little Universe, Endangered Cosmos
Row 2: Arcane Dancer, Star Collector x4, Starwood Golem, Mana Runes
Row 3: Enchanted Drake, Spelldancer, Spiraling Supernova, Celestial Hues x3
Row 4: Scarlet Treasurer (UM), Twisted Trickster (UM), Cradle of Goo, Engulfing Growths

Row 1: Lich Armor x2, Wyrmwound Glow, Glowing Contagion x3
Row 2: Glowing Contagion, Rotrock Witch, Rotten Skeleton, Bracket Sporehost, Wavespun Ivy (Swipp)
Row 3: Wavespun Ivy (Swipp), Depleted Dreams x2, Amber-Trapped Fae
Row 4: Petrified Pinions x2, Cairn Contagion, Painted History, Crystallized Queen, Rock and Root, Earthen Tribute

Row 1: Opalesque x4 (1 sold), Sedimentary Sentinel, Hidden Beauty
Row 2: Veins of Gold, Citrine Sheen, Keeper of the Labyrinth, The Awakening, Living Vein x3
Row 3: Living Vein (sold)

Row 1: Gentle Giant x3, Prismatic Rainbow
Row 2: Snowflake, Freezer, Warden’s Coat x2
Row 3: Dark Ice, Frozen Flight, Glacial Warden, Ice Wraith

List of Usermade Accents
*Format: Accent Name (Artist)
Green Glimmer (Studio) - Imp M
Green Glamour (Studio) - Imp F
Silver Splendor Ice (Studio) - Imp F
Golden Gleam (Studio) - Skydancer M
Rose Noct Core (Studio) - Noct M
Arcane Burst (Studio) - Imp M
Solar Burst (Studio) - Imp M
Ashfall Industry (Studio) - Coatl M
Grand Cupid (Monarque) - Imp M
Grande Cupid (Monarque) - Imp F
Opaque Damselfly Princes (Monarque) - Coatl F
Lotus Lanterns (Silviya) - Noct F
Crimson Lantern Lights F (Silviya) - Imp F
Radiant Lights M (Silviya) - Imp M
Fire Lights F (Silviya) - Skydancer F
Dawn Dancer (Silviya) - Skydancer F
Golden Gladiator (Kaljaia) - Imp F & Imp M
Regal She (Kaljaia) - Imp F
Armored Skysong (Kaljaia) - Imp M
Sapphire Goldkeeper (Kaljaia) - Pearlcatcher F
Night Silverkeeper (Kaljaia) - Pearlcatcher F
Oasis Goldkeeper (Kaljaia) - Pearlcatcher M
Pampered Silverkeeper (Kaljaia) - Imp M
Midnight Treasurer (Kaljaia) - Spiral M
SkyKnight Gold (Kaljaia) - Skydancer M
SkyPaladin Gold (Kaljaia) - Skydancer F
Frozen Crystalwings (Kent) - Imp F
Frozen Skyglass (Kent) - Skydancer M
Galactic Skyglass (Kent) - Skydancer M
Blazing Skyglass (Kent) - Skydancer M
Jeweled Sakura (Kent) - Pearlcatcher F
Queen of Roses (Kent) - Imp F
King of Roses (Kent) - Imp M
Ornaments of Atlantis (Kent) - Pearlcatcher F
Yeoya’s Galaxy (EisenDragoon) - Guardian F
Yeoya’s Stars (EisenDragoon) - Guardian F
Tiger Galaxy (EisenDragoon) - Imp M
Leaf Flutter (EisenDragoon) - Imp F
La Reine Blanche (Heathers) - Spiral F
Prince of Thorns (Heathers) - Coatl M
Blighted Jewels CM (Heathers) - Coatl M
Butterfly Charm Imp F (Heathers) - Imp F
Spherical Artefact (Heathers) - Pearlcatcher F
Oriental Sunflowers (Luunai) - Imp M
Bringer of Fortune (Luunai) - Skydancer F
grace feather fred (sido) - Coatl F
grace feather mgold (sido) - Coatl M
Knight of Flowers (Calavera) - Coatl M
Twisted Trickster (Spikulec) - Noct F
Gemflare F (Chaotic) - Imp F
Wish Flowers (Yunosina) - Imp F
In The Wake of Dawn (MettatonEX) - Imp F
Crystalline Dreams (Toothiana) - Imp M
Crystalline Beliefs (Toothiana) - Imp F
Astronomical Clock (cloverly) - Imp M
Lone Wanderer (kitbird) - Skydancer M
Sakura Kanzashi (Amaterasu) - Pearlcatcher F
April Lilypond (Vampire) - Pearlcatcher F

Notes on Selling Process
Since accent pricing is a tricky thing, I’ll refer to both the AH and the accent artist’s shop. If an accent is available in the AH, I’ll match that price. Alternatively, if I find the artist’s shop and they are active and currently printing the accent, I will match the artist’s current price. If the artist is inactive but has specific policies regarding resales (not for more than the original price, etc.), I will honour those.

If the artist is active but the accent is cycled/on a reprint waiting list, I’ll sell for a slight markup, likely 200-300 gems. If the artist is inactive and/or the accent is retired, this is where prices get incredibly murky. I’m pretty attached to many of my older accents from when I first started collecting and I can make no promises about price at this point, since an inactive artist/retired accent means that I’ll likely be giving up the only copy I’ll ever have.



Section under construction!

Text list only, since the images are all the same anyway :‘D Divided by year, and then festival.

Mistral Jamboree ‘14
Winged Chest

Wavecrest Saturnalia ‘14
Jellyfish Chest
Ocean Blue Chest
Oceanguard Chest
Abyss Chest

Greenskeeper Gathering ‘14
Treeborn Chest
Overgrowth Chest
Wilds Chest



Ping on reopening:

Priorities: Nuggets > Gems > PP

I accept payment plans and holds, so if there’s something you have your eye on but you don’t have the funds immediately available, don’t be afraid to ask if a plan/hold can be arranged c:

My FR username is also azurrys, and my profile is here. You can ping/echo me here or PM me on FR; I should see both fairly quickly. Thank you for reading!

Mycena Kimono
Ethereal Ebb
Lucky Rabbit
Fodder pets
*will consider other unlisted pets provided I don’t have them c:

Teal Pondshroom
Origami Cranes
Drifting Petals
Starry Eyes
Spiced Bouquet
Winter Wreath
Starbright Bobtail
Bright Bubbles
Golden Trident
Golden Loose Braid Wig
Brass Monocle
Enchanted Gaze(s)
Lands Within Background(s)

Pet backgrounds in general - offer!

1 MC gem: 115k treasure
1 MC gem: 3300 nuggets
1 FR gem: 680 treasure
Last Price Check for Items: 16th February 2016


26/12/2015 - 500kT + 5 unhatched eggs (3 noc, 1 water, 1 wind) for 13 gems to Condor
09/01/2016 - Wind Sprite x1 (2.2 mil T worth) for 55k nuggets to Domayne
20/01/2016 - Tricktrouper Crown + Shining Peacock Feathers (3.1 mil T worth) for Dawn pet to Spookly
24/01/2016 - 8 festival chests + 9kT for 11k nuggets to LynaeKimeru
07/02/2016 - various food items for 2k nuggets to manimani
14/02/2016 - Naturalist Adornments x1, Illuminated Sash x3, Sunguard Chest x1 for 24.5k nuggets to Mariazny
17/02/2016 - Water Sprite x1 for 17k nuggets + various accents for Stack of Books to Madara
17/02/2016 - Accent: Golden Glister x1 for 40k nuggets to Rorii
14/03/2016 - 1.1 mil T for 35k nuggets to Skye
21/03/2016 - 105kT for 3k nuggets to Prometheus3
21/03/2016 - 140kT for 4k nuggets to Neon Hyena
24/03/2016 - Accents: Ancient Desert Runes, Golden Blizzard and Twinkle little star and 1 mil Treasure for Blue Banded Bee pet, Star Sphere and Galactic Bloom to Skye
13/08/2016 - 147kT for 4.2k nuggets to matejko
13/08/2016 - Jellyfish and Oceanguard Chests for 13.7k nuggets to mystyic
14/08/2016 - Wyrmwound Glow for 1571 nuggets to moomargh
29/08/2016 - Concluded hold for mystyic; Hideshadow Chest, Mystical Glowing Chest, Scripted Chest, and Jolly Chest (400g each) for 10k nuggets apiece (40k nuggets total)
14/08/2016 - Skin: Barnacle Loaf (12k), Engulfing Growths Chest (2.9k), Faerielight Chest (10k), Skin: Crystallized Queen (2.4k) to moomargh
29/08/2016 - Chest of Dark Fortune (17k), Sheer Chest (12k) and Zephyr Chest (31k) to mystyic
28/09/2016 - Ice Sprite for 100k nuggets to Mistral (FR u/n: Nightwind)
25/09/2016 - Arcane Sprite payment plan with mystyic: 13 weeks of 15k each, 200k nuggets total. Item delivery date: 28/11/2016; plan conclusion: 13/12/2016. Plan successfully concluded!
22/01/2017 - 300g for 7200 nuggets to Primarina (Primaria on FR)
01/02/2017 - Treeborn, Lantern, Seedling and Jellyfish Chests for 10 gems to moomargh
05/02/2017 - Kite Chest for 9600 nuggets to moomargh
08/02/2017 - Shadow Sprite for 80k nuggets to firewyrm2018
05/03/2017 - Light Sprite for 41PP to Starmax
05/03/2017 - UM accents (Golden Glamour, Golden Gleam, Silver Splendor True, Blooming Secrets, Nyx’s Gold, Sapphire Goldkeeper) for 11 PP + ??g to Spook (fell through?)
(This has not been updated LOL I’ll get around to it at some point)
18/07/2017 - Nature Sprite for 19.5k nuggets to luckygrace99

Posted 12/26/15, edited 12/03/22


I’m interested in your unhatched eggs, what are you looking for?

Edit: I am also interested in all or your treasure.

I have mostly PP and Gems, but I have some nuggets

Posted 12/26/15, edited 12/26/15

Hello! At current AH prices all the eggs seem to be roughly 170k-190k, so I’d say 180k per egg. By the way, I only have 3 Nocturne eggs after all, sorry!

500k Treasure would be 12.5k nuggets c:

I don’t have any open orders, so no PP for me. Both gems and nuggets are good with me! 3 gems are my current priority but after I have 3, I’d rather accept nuggets. My current MC gem:nugget ratio is 3.1k per gem as per the cave exchange right now.

Thank you!

Posted 12/26/15, edited 12/26/15


How about 13 gems for all of your treasure and eggs?

Posted 12/26/15, edited 12/26/15

That sounds good to me! c: What’s your FR name?

Posted 12/26/15


100swimmergirl I will send the gems now! Thanks!

Posted 12/26/15

Whoa, thanks for sending them so quickly! If you don’t mind I’m going to send you a quick PM on FR before the stuff just to be sure everything’s in order. Sorry for my paranoia and thank you for the trade! :D

Posted 12/26/15

How much for a Naturalist Adornments, Illuminated Sash, and Sunguard Chest?

Posted 12/27/15

Hello! My prices on those items are as follows:

Naturalist Adornments - 360kT (9k nuggets)
Illuminated Sash - 170kT (4.25k nuggets; will lower to 150kT each if purchasing more than one)
Sunguard Chest - 170kT (4.25k nuggets)

I’m mainly seeking nuggets for now, but I’ll accept gems too c:

Posted 12/28/15, edited 12/28/15

That sounds great! Unfortunately, I’m now in debt until the 11th of January so I cant quickly purchase things off you! D: Would you be willing to hold those items?

((after that I’ll probably be interested in the wind sprite as well lol))

Also, I’m guessing you’re not trading gems between websites? :P I have 20 and I don’t use them xD

EDIT: Make that two sashes c: Heck, I’ll get all three. xD

Posted 12/28/15, edited 12/28/15

Mariazny No problem, I can hold the items for you until then! I’m on my phone right now so I don’t want to make any big edits to my first post, but once I get back to a computer I’ll edit the post to indicate the hold. Do you want me to hold the wind sprite too? c:

And actually, having seen the new January previews… I do need more gems |D I’d accept up to… hm… 9 at a 1:3000 rate, so that’s worth 27k nuggets if you want to trade some gems for items! Unfortunately I don’t do direct gem:gem trades though, I tend to be very gem-poor on FR xD

When I wake up tomorrow (yupppp, using my phone when I should be asleep) I’ll do the math for the total worth of the items so you’ll know how much they all cost. Sorry about the delay and thank you for the trade!

Posted 12/28/15

Mariazny Alright! Sorry for the second ping, but here’s the proper breakdown now:

Naturalist Adornments x1 - 360kT - 9k nuggets
Illuminated Sash x3 - 450kT - 11.25k nuggets
Sunguard Chest x1 - 170kT - 4.25k nuggets

The total is 24.5k nuggets c: I would also take 8 gems + 500 nuggets for the lot, or I’m happy to hold the items otherwise! I’ve put them down as being held for now; if you want to pay with gems instead just tell me. The Wind Sprite isn’t included for now, but worry not, I still have one more extra even if someone else buys it up :D What’s your FR name, by the way?

Posted 12/29/15

Thank you so much! My FR username is also Mariazny, and I’ll get on your payment as soon as I’m done with one I’m doing right now. Thank you!

Posted 12/29/15
Mariazny No problem! If you need an extension we can discuss that when it’s closer to the end date xD Good luck with the other payment!
Posted 12/29/15
/gently nudges upwards
Posted 01/04/16
Posted 01/08/16
Azurrys Could I buy your wind sprite for 50k nuggets? :)
Posted 01/09/16

Hello there! It looks like the price has gone up a little since my last price check; would you be willing to do 55k nuggets? c:

Posted 01/09/16
Azurrys Sure that’s fine :) I will send over the nuggets to you now - I’m also domayne on FR (#81356)
Posted 01/09/16
You gave 55,000 nuggets to azurrys (#3993)
Posted 01/09/16

Aahh, thank you, got them! I’m going to PM you on FR without sending anything first to confirm it’s the correct person. Forgive my paranoia xD Thank you for the trade!

Posted 01/09/16
Azurrys haha that’s ok, I’m the same way, Luckily I can click straight to your profile here so I know I had the right person at least xD Thank you so much for trading!
Posted 01/09/16
Posted 01/16/16

I have a upright dawn if you are interested^
If so what do you value it at?

Posted 01/17/16

Hello! I did some digging and I think 30g/90k nuggets is a decent estimate of what they’ve been going for c: Are there any items you’re particularly interested in? I’d be willing to trade stuff under the ‘tentative items’ spoiler as well.

Edit: By the way, I’m going to update my price estimates as we speak so apologies for any confusion!

Posted 01/17/16, edited 01/17/16

Would you do the Tricktroupers crown and the Shining Peacock feathers?
I had to edit because i did the ping wrong *facepalm*

Posted 01/17/16, edited 01/18/16

Whoops! Oh well, at least I see it now xD

Hmm, do you mind if I consider your offer? I do like the Dawn a lot but it’s not my top priority so I’d like to think it over. Sorry and thanks!

Edit: Ah, yeah, and I might as well mention that I’m going to change the rates in the thread soon, but if I do decide to go through with this trade I’ll honour the current rates/prices stated c:

Posted 01/18/16, edited 01/18/16

Alrighty <3
Just tell me when you’ve decided haha
Thank you for considering <3

Posted 01/18/16

Hello! If I’m not too late, I’ve decided to take you up on that offer—your Dawn for my Tricktrouper Crown and Shining Peacock Feathers :D Would you mind PM’ing me on FR so I know who to send the items to? I’m azurrys on FR as well, and my FR profile is linked in the first post and also in my MC profile here. Thanks!

Posted 01/19/16

Yay thank you !
I sent a PN and got the trade set up :)
Thanks so much

Posted 01/20/16