09:48 ST
[W] nuggets, gems, items, pets [H] Goatlings, DV, FR, CS

Hey there folks!

I just signed up for Mycena and I think I may really like it here, but it looks like earning money here is a bit on the difficult side. So I’m looking for offsite trades to make my life a little easier.

They don’t have to be straight-up currency trades, either, though I’m quite happy to just buy your nuggets and gems outright. But I’d be interested in buying items and pets directly with other sites’ currencies (or other sites’ items/pets) as well.

I value Flight Rising and Goatlings stuff over DV and CS stuff, BTW.

My accounts & available resources:

Goatlings - probablynotbees

  • UFT goats
  • shop
  • willing to buy MC items, pets, and currencies with SS
  • I have more items/goats available; if you’re looking for Goatlings stuff, let me make you an offer!

Dappervolk - Bees

  • Not trading DV pets, but I have a fair amount of potatoes and items, some retired

Flight Rising - Lukra

  • dragon sales tab
  • I have a pretty considerable stockpile of treasure and FR gems

ChickenSmoothie - probablynotbees

  • 1,000+ pets UFT (I probably have more recent ones too; I just haven’t sorted my pets recently)


If you see something that interests you above, please let me know what you’d be willing to offer for it! Alternatively, if you have something you’re looking to sell for one of the above sites’ goods, let me know what you’re seeking!

You can find my wishlist below but since I’m new, I’m sure there are cool items out there that I’m not aware of. I’m also potentially interested in pretty much any Drasillis (especially Upright) and Kelph pets.

ordered from least to most valuable, includes current marketplace price


  • Enchanted Icy Gaze (???)
  • Long Fangs (1.75k nuggets)
  • Electric Halo (4.55k nuggets)
  • Scroll of Unveiled Truth (6k nuggets)
  • Red String of Fate (7.2k nuggets)
  • Frozen Halo (39.5k nuggets)


  • Cosmos (2.4k nuggets)
  • Mist-erious Frame (30k nuggets)
  • Ornate Frame (45k nuggets)
  • Timelapse (90k nuggets)

Would be nice but not actively seeking

  • Drifty Circadian Coils (3.3k nuggets)
  • Shimmering Star Crown (3.4k nuggets)
  • Moon Phase Shawl (7.5k nuggets)
  • Spacy Shawl (17.5k nuggets)
  • Detective’s Notebook (18.5k nuggets)
  • Sylvan Jewelry (21.6k nuggets)
  • Purple Alchemist Jacket (25k nuggets)
  • Lunar Headpiece (35k nuggets)
  • Toga (40k nuggets)
  • Sage’s Shawl (50k nuggets)
  • Gambler’s Dice (55k nuggets)
Posted 11/09/22, edited 11/11/22