11:06 ST
[H] MC nuggets [W] DV potatoes/turnips (Closed)

Trading 0k nuggets for DV potatoes @1:10 ratio! (1 nugget = 10 potatoes)
Also looking to trade for DV turnips @20:1 ratio (20 nuggets = 1 turnip), multiples of 200 turnips preferred

CLOSED FOR NOW until I get more currency!

Posted 04/01/22, edited 10/03/22
Still looking c:
Posted 04/08/22
Feeshy I’ve got 400k potatoes to trade if you’re still looking!
Posted 04/23/22

Hawkins Sure! I’ll start a trade, feel free to send the taters to Feeshy 31298 on DV!

Edit: askljfhas sorry I forgot how to ping for a hot minute @-@

Posted 04/23/22, edited 04/23/22
Posted 05/01/22
I’ve got 500 turnips I’d be happy to sell to you Feeshy! (technically 578 but I’m pretty sure the 78 is not a useful amount LOL)
Posted 05/01/22
Nonnavlis Great! I’ll send a trade for the nuggets, if you could get me the item Little Forager Lantern Berry from Pai’s shop of wonder (lmk if you need help finding the shop/item!) that would be great :‘D my name is Feeshy #31298 on DV
Posted 05/02/22
Feeshy Yay! I’ve sent over your item—the stuff this month is adorable! haha
Posted 05/02/22, edited 05/02/22
Still looking to trade!
Posted 05/04/22
Still looking!
Posted 05/30/22
Updated amount!
Posted 07/02/22
Hey again Feeshy! I’ve got 350k of potatoes I’d love to trade for nuggets if you’re down! ^^
Posted 07/24/22
Nonnavlis Of course! I’ve started a trade on MC, feel free to send the taters over to Feeshy 31298 on DV!
Posted 07/25/22, edited 07/25/22
Feeshy I’ve got 500 turnips now as well—would you trade those for the rest of your nuggets? (if I’ve got the math right on that?)
Posted 07/31/22
Nonnavlis Sure! I actually have 12k nuggets to trade if you wanna make it an even 600 turnips? c:
Posted 08/01/22
Feeshy I only have 558 turnips atm! (and I know the 58 isn’t any good just now haha). But I also have potatoes so I can do whichever combination of both you prefer if you like!
Posted 08/01/22
Nonnavlis Ah that’s fine! Unfortunately there is no item in the shop that costs 500 turnips this month that I want so I could take 400 turnips off your hand and if you get more in the future I’m happy to grab them in multiples of 200? :0c If you’re ok with that, I’d like the Skyborne Timekeeper Legs and Skyborne Timekeeper Reverie from Pai’s shop, feel free to send them over to Feeshy 31298! I’ll set up a trade on MC now :D
Posted 08/01/22
Feeshy Oh, yes that makes sense! Sorry, I never check what’s actually available in the premium shops haha. Thanks! <3
Posted 08/01/22
Feeshy Are you still looking for potatoes? I have 100,000 potatoes that I can trade for 10k nuggets
Posted 09/30/22, edited 09/30/22
Nobo Sorry for the late reply - I can do that trade! Let me know if you’re still interested and I’ll send the nuggets over, I’m Feeshy 31298 on DV
Posted 10/03/22, edited 10/03/22
Feeshy Yup! I’m still interested! I’ll send them over in just a second!
Posted 10/03/22
Feeshy Sent!
Posted 10/03/22
Sent as well, ty!
Posted 10/03/22