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IMPORTANT: Avoiding scams glitch Takasai 2 11/06/14
[H] FR Items (incl. '13-'14 festival) [W] PP, Currency, MC Items azurrys Vulpen 227 3 minutes ago
H: MC W: FV ajmoshiponykinz ajmoshiponykinz 119 55 minutes ago
[S] FR Inventory [W] MC Zero Zero 559 5 hours ago
[T] Nuggets for FR Treasure/Gems glexeli glexeli 20 24 hours ago
[H] 1,000N [W] FR T Cealygosa Cealygosa 0 Jun 22
[H] 5 PP, nuggets, more [W] FR Rorii Cosmo 38 Jun 21
[H] nuggets [W] FR gem/treasure/fodder apparel&familiars pooses pooses 119 Jun 21
[H] FR, Furvilla, CS [W] MC nuggets, gems, pets Arctic Arctic 28 Jun 21
[H] MC [W] Furvilla / FR LittleBit LittleBit 138 Jun 20
[S] FR Gems, 2014-15 Fest. Items + G1s, FV Event Items, CS Pets [W] PP, Nuggets Cosmo Akumura 22 Jun 20
[H]A LOT of FR (ice, arcane, earth sprite, old skins, etc) [W]nugs, items maybe Chicken Akumura 40 Jun 20
[H] Nuggets [W] FR crabbySeer crabbySeer 54 Jun 19
[H] 161k FC; 0k FR treasure, 0 gems [W] nuggets raus raus 73 Jun 19
[S] FV FurCash [W] MC Nuggets eatriz Domayne 2 Jun 18
Trading Out of the Shadows stuff and more for Flight Rising ^-^ LucidDreams LucidDreams 16 Jun 17
[S] Digis, FR, FV 3/4/5-Digit Villagers [W] MC & FR Akumura Akumura 99 Jun 17
[S] FR/Aywas [W] MC Currencies Keilin Alyr Keilin Alyr 26 Jun 17
[S] Mycena [W] FlightRising Chuchi Chuchi 72 Jun 16
Liquidating Digis! Includes customs, gen 2s, Zafriis, event/FotM, and lots more! Kali Kali 18 Jun 15
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