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IMPORTANT: Avoiding scams glitch -Ryn- 2 11/06/14
[H] 3mil FR Treasure & 12,214 FR Gems [W] Nuggets/Gems Avis Avis 13 2 hours ago
Seeking Mycena Cave trades for FR Gems or Chicken Smoothie pets/C$ Gamingerve31 Cosmo 21 Dec 17
[T] Nuggets for FR Currency glexeli glexeli 249 Dec 17
[s] hundreds of CS pets [w] MC currency Collie Collie 8 Dec 16
[W] FR Gems [H] Nuggets [1 FR Gem : 40 nuggets] HippieFlip HippieFlip 159 Dec 12
[H] Flight Rising Treasure [W] Nuggets [ON HOLD] HippieFlip aquamyrine 259 Dec 12
(๑ↀᆺↀ๑)✧ [H] 50+ Event Items [W] FR Currency, Dappervolk Alpha Pup Yume Yume 19 Dec 12
Complete! :D (Ty!) shiba shiba 45 Dec 8
[H] nuggets, items [w] FR currency or FV [IMG HVY] dragonsrus dragonsrus 0 Dec 8
(B) 3PP with Flight Rising Gems Reggi Reggi 0 Dec 6
[S] FR Gems [B] PawPrints Kippie Kippie 10 Dec 5
closed squiremarcus Corvani 54 Dec 4
Currently sold out! Unicamel Coral 6 Dec 3
Done for now! Ubiquitous luckygrace99 3 Dec 3
[h] gen 1 dragons [w] nuggets / mc gems Aloulore pooses 8 Dec 2
[H] Mycena Cave stuff [W] FR MafiaVamp MafiaVamp 213 Dec 1
(S) CS, Aywas, FV (W) MC or FR moondoll moondoll 0 Nov 28
Selling event items, wanting FR Heiyu Heiyu 2 Nov 28
[H] 600k+ Nuggets [W] PFQ (cheapest rate!) triibu Deliball 130 Nov 28
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