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Wishing Well

Coats and pets I am looking for are on the post above this one.
Items are in no particular order. <3

✧ Items ✧

Iridescent Tail Bow | Candyfloss Wings | Starshine Summon | Starspun Strands | Faerie Chimes

Head in the Clouds | Starry Eyes | Midsummer Fantasia | Untold Treasures | Flowerscape

Flustering Bustle | Soulstone Collar | Fiendish Companion | Spirit Tree | Star Stuff

Lunar Space Fish | Shooting Star | Galactic Boom | Spacey Shawl | Bottle of Stardust

Lunar Headpiece | Sea Butteflies | Staff of the Guardian | Blue Rose Collar | Star Earring

Konpeito Pouch | Royal Crown | Origami Cranes | Enchanted Wings | Sheer Blue Scarf

Magical Streak | Forget-Me-Not Locket | Wind Chime Earrings | Golden Headpiece | Stitched Ribbon

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Tsuzemi’s Wishlist

Drifty Small Spell Circle | Sorcerer’s Familiar | Drifty Enchanted Runes | Gilded Wings | Wildwood Glow

Floating Candles | Orchid Gardens | Blooming Garland | Birch Forest | Cake Spatula

Black Leg Warmers | Flowerscape | Chef Jacket | Red Wings | Pancake Hat


Serenade Staff | Darcy’s Delivery Satchel | Enchanter’s Grimoire | Red Loose Braid Wig | Brown Loose Braid Wig

Golden Faerie Lights | Cozy Knit Scarf | Black Breezy Wig | Ghost Scarf | Black Wings



May Flowers Mushroom | Three Wishes Mushroom | Pancake Mushroom | Winter Dragon Mushroom

Note: I am trying to get the May Flowers Mushroom as well as 35 tickets for the May raffle.
I currently have around 9k nuggets in the bank.
I need 36k nuggets (unless someone has a better deal for nuggets in their stand, I can’t seem to find anyone selling gems) for the mushroom (10 gems)

I need around 27k nuggets for 35 tickets for the May raffle (around 8 gems).

Which means I need either around 63k nuggets or 18 gems to get both.
If you could donate that would be appreciated ^^

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This should come in handy as a trade reference. I’m always happy to be moving and trading those pets and goods! I’m like a Goblin from World of Warcraft. Or a Ferengi from Star Trek. Both have big ears, no less. XD

I prefer to purchase from players over NPCs whenever possible, and these items are marked in italics. Sold a character but kept their items? Change your mind on a costume? I can buy or trade your unwanted goods at shop prices! ^^

Also, this list will continue to grow and change over time. Feel free to come back anytime.

Character Items
Individual Items

Cobwebs * Lighted Lantern * Orchid Gardens * Skull Earrings * Traveler’s Cloak


Camping Lantern * Drifty Enchanter’s Eyes * Mining Pick * Wilderness Explorer


Blessing of Joy * Gleaming Gold Anklets * Golden Ram Horns * Luck’s Blessing * Secret Sanctuary


Corroded Automaton Pet
(May 1st 2015 birthdate)

Beaded Organic Bobbler * Black Schiffchen * Brown Goatee * Dangling Crystal Charm * Fishing Rendezvous

Rattling Chains * Seascape * Skull Earrings * Spelunker’s Map * Swashbuckling Eyepatch

Missing Pets

I can be weirdly particular about birthdates, so my apologies in advance! I may consider fodder pets with birthdates in the right timeframe, especially older years and those pesky consecutive event ID#s.

Also, pointing me in the direction of sale threads and unlisted sale pets will always be HIGHLY appreciated!


Herbal Hex * Equilibrium
(need birthdates in event timeframe (4/14 - 4/27/17), want consecutive ID#s)

99942 Apophis * Astral Wraith * Starchaser
(need birthdates in event timeframe (7/11 - 7/22/2015), want consecutive ID#s)

Peacock Spider * Blue Banded Bee
(need birthdates in event timeframe (4/7 - 4/20/2015), want consecutive ID#s)

Red Tufted Squirrel
(need birthdate in event timeframe)

Spell Weaver
(need birthdate in event timeframe)

Orange Calcite * Pearly Depths * Watermelon * Monarch Butterfly
(need birthdates in event timeframe, want roughly consecutive ID#s)

Spring Sprouts * Ombre Flower * Briers of Rose
(need birthdates in event timeframe, want roughly consecutive ID#s)


Grim Harvest
(Fall 2015)

White Wind
(Winter 2014)

Monthly - 2015

Northern Wind * Rustic Garter * White-Spotted Jellyfish
(11/26/2015) * (8/1/2015) * (7/1/2015)

Corroded Automaton * Blue Morpho Butterfly * White Serval
(5/1/2015) * (4/1/2015) * (2/1/2015)

Monthly - 2014

Pumpkin Pie * Golden Thread Cordyceps * Golden Tiger
(11/1/2014) * (10/1/2014) * (9/1/2014)

Bleeding Tooth Mushroom * Lovebird * Ink Cap
(7/1/2014) * (5/1/2014) * (4/1/2014)

Tribal Flame * Dawn * Bleeding Heart Dove
(3/1/2014) * (2/1/2014) * (1/1/2014)

Monthly - 2013

*weeps gently*

Siberian Squill * Brown Wood Owl * Mycena Kimono
(12/2013) * (11/2013) * (10/2013)

Kheper * Tanuki
(9/2013) * (8/2013)

Completed Events

Lily of the Valley
(need birthdate in event timeframe (3/26/2015))

(need birthdate in event timeframe)

Completed Monthlies
Monthly - 2017

May Flowers * Divergence
(5/1/2017) * (4/1/2017)


Aracari - Complete

Dangling Crystal Charm * Enchanted Golden Gaze * Feather Necklace * Lantern of Enlightenment

Spirit Tree * Tribal Spear * Tropical Feathers * Water Tattoo

Asha - Complete

Ankle Bells * Fleeting Flowers * Starshine Summon * Sundisk Choker

Shine - Complete

Head in the Clouds * Sea Butterflies * Short Drifty Sweetheart Wig

Nessa - Pending

Dangling Crystal Charm * Enchanted Green Gaze * Hip Forest Green Scarf * Leafy Wings

Neon Angelwing Butterfly * Ornate Horns * Spooky Moon * Untamed Earth Magic

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I’ll just leave this here o-o Can’t promise I’ll keep it updated, but here it is.

Current Character Needs:

NPC Shops: x2

Teeny Tiny Tent Bat, Red Breezy Wig, White Breezy Wig, Black Magical Streak, Water Tattoo, Fire Tattoo, Basket of Shrooms, Flower Apron, Pancake Hat, Renewal Background, Cavern of the Lost Background x2, New Direction Background, Moonlit Clouds Background, Serene Shores Background, Dying Light Background


Classic Flower Crown, Meteor Shower, Leather Bracers, Staff of Wintertide, Firefly Night Background
Future Character Needs:

NPC Shops: x2

Enchanted Golden Gaze, Wooden Cane, Khaki Top Hat, Silver Monocle, Bacon Scarf, Mushroom Tea Kettle, White Bobtail, White Breezy Wig, Iridescent Tail Bow, Iridescent Neck Bow, Red Neck Bow, Harvest Background x2


Gilded Wings
To Be Released Wishlist:
Dawn Sky Background, Verdant Neck Bow, Iridescent Anklet, Ebony Anklet, Black Chanfron, Bronze Sea Wave Circlet, Black Sea Wave Circlet

Active Winter Dragon is preferred- I have an Upright Winter Dragon.

Winter Dragon active preferred, Flowering Fawn, Hamadryad, Prismatic Tiger, Stardust Firework, Star Bomb, Fledgling Phoenix- Mushroom Only! I already have the fodder carved for it!

I can always use fodder pets, driftshrooms, teal pondshrooms, and nuggets/gems, as well, so throwing it out there :p

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Things I want


that’s literally it.

Posted 07/03/17
I need fodder for…

I also need driftshrooms/and or want drifty fodder for all of these!

I need these coats/mushrooms…

Items I want generally

Pets I have + My wishlist per pet!

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Doing mine in the form of outfits..i currently have near to nothing but my little Linx so


This is my future plans for Linx’s outfit so far i have nothing and need around 1k more nuggets to get the rams horns

I’ll probably add more once i get more

Posted 07/30/18

Also on my profile but:

dusk sky background
wildwood glow background
Ephemeral Light Mushroom
Snow Day Mushroom (or upright ineki)
stack of books
Cave Painting Mushroom
Fodder Pets (ALSO ALWAYS)

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Really Want! Want
Need Fodder for



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