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Wishing Well

It’s taken me a long time to look and decide, my goal is the utterly adorable Flowering Fawn shroomie for my Firstborne ^.^

Flowering Fawn Mushroom  

Two smaller wishies are the Aviator goggles and the Cartographer’s charts for Trill and future pets/customs.

And that’s pretty much it, because I would like time to fully flesh out their characters and enjoy my pets.

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Vysal’s Wishlist!

Nuggets! Gems! CC!
Magical Streak
Golden Headpiece
Royal Crown
Fur Mantle
Twilight Woods Coat or Pet



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Hmmm, a wishlist? Here are some things I’m interested in:

CC, Gems, Nuggets (I’m always in need of those.)
Any coat, though Golden Glow, Tribal Flame, Djinn, Fog, Light in the Darkness, Spell Weaver, and White Wind are pretty cool. No idea if you can get any of those though. (I just came back after registering then never actually playing them game.)
Oh wow, look at all that cool clothing. Hmm.. I’m not sure what exactly I want, but anything purple or black would probably look good on Darkin. Though anything is great, I love dressing pets up and finding that perfect color combination.

I’ll probably update this later when I get the hang of MC with more specific things.

Posted 09/23/15

(when i’m not feeling lazy i’ll probably format this all nice… yeah.)



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(I’ll try and keep up with this)



**Fodder Pets**

Specific Coats:

  • Light In The Darkness
  • Orange Bitey Thing
  • Blue Morpho Butterfly
  • Golden Glow
  • Mycena Kimono
  • Star Chaser
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WindyFox’s Wishlist

Dawn, Tribal Flame, Winter Dragon, Lily of the Valley, Will o’ the Wisp, Flowering Fawn, Lammergeier,
Torch, Ephemeral Light, Elysium, Oni One For You, Fairytale, Burnished Fool,
Gilded Garden, White Fox, White Wind, Paper Rose, Trailblazer, Autumnal Guardian, Hamadryad, Lacey Magpie,
Royal Red, Witch’s Brew



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Pets (In order, Active preferred):
GCS or Coats: Winter Lights, Witch’s Brew, Magpie, Stardust Firework, Hamadryad
River Kelpie
Lunar Glint
Upright Phoenix
Winter Messenger

Moonlit Clouds
Coral Reef
Lumina Galaxy
Serene Shores

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Jaffa’s Wishlist/Wantlist


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I guess I’ll do one of these too, just without images so I remember what I’m looking at.
Gems/Nuggets (especially because I don’t always have the time to play the games and haven’t started RPing)
Ideas for fleshing out my pets more?

Cave Shadows
Blue Morpho

Black Espíritita
Black Magical Streak
Spirit Tattoo
Teeny Tent Bat
Bobtail Squid

Posted 11/20/15
nothing at the moment!
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it’s too dangerous i’m sorry o)-<
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115/115 CC for Malis so far!
5/100 sprout for my Winter Quartet
Then edits for Malis…
Sprout for Malis x Rynn

Teal Pondshroom or Driftshroom for Máiréad
Traveler’s Cloak for Delilah
Driftshroom for Celestial

Active Spellweaver
Lacey Magpie (I can dream…)
Royal Red (for a replacement Rynn)
Active Spell Weaver

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I don’t have a specific wishlist, per say… I just want a bit of apparel right now and maybe another pet :P
Posted 12/07/15

My wishlist right now is kind of anything to help get me started on MC (literally just joined an hour ago).

Apparel, nuggets. Another Pet would be great of course.

*runs off to learn more about the community*

Posted 12/11/15

Ahhh I suppose I ought to get one of these up!

In the Temple of Stars, Idirsholas tends a large school of moonbow trout. Happy to buy these off you for 150 nuggets each.

None at this time

None at this time

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Faith’s Wishlist

i figured i might as well do one. i only really want a few things.

- Changingshroom / Glowing Changingshroom
- fodder / gems for fodder
- 3/16 PP for Penelope (a custom)
- 0/20 PP for a sprout for my geness (Katrina + Twotail)
- any amount of nuggets or gems

Posted 01/03/16

Emeralda’s Wishlist

???/??? PP for Ulrik’s Custom
???/4 PP for Kira’s Edits
???/20 PP for Spirit Custom

Posted 01/04/16, edited 06/30/16

I’m new, so anything really!

(FR @//purplecinnibar)

Posted 01/07/16
My wishing well post is pretty simple first I am trying to get all of the “needs” then all of the “wants”... But I would greatly appreciate any item off my wish list (this post) as a gift, or currency will go towards these things ~

Oh & other than my Ineki’s outfit plans, I really want these things for future outfit plans! :P



Frazil Mushroom,
Moveshroom &
Enchanted Blue Gaze.


Ornate Gold Bracelet,
Bottle of Stardust &
Magical Streak

Lt. Foghorn



Firefly Night &

Skull Earring.



Serpent Tattoo,


Studded Collar,

Gothic Charm &

Broken Heart Earring.

Mike ~


Green Globe Necklace,
Stitched Ribbon &
Faerie Ring.


Dangling Crystal Charm,
Flurry of Flowers &
Flappy Mushies.



Camping Lantern,

Flappy Mushies &

Invisibility potion.



Firefly Night


(Or Teal Pondshroom & Pondshroom!)

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since i am but a smol noob who has yet to properly explore the site, my wishlist is just currently

~any pet with any coat (with a preference for pale colours)
~cool mushrooms? idk?

I’ll probably edit this every so often!

Posted 03/15/16
June’s Wishlist

I’m gonna have a pretty big wishlist soon but for now, I’ll just stick with things from shops. Or some…Or a lot. Oops.

-Legwarmers [Rainbow, Black and Buttercup]
-Tail Bow [Black, Blue, Iridescent, Pink, Cream, Red]
-Cane [Wooden, Black with Red, Purple, Black with White, White with Black, White with Red]
-Top Hat [Khaki, White with Black, White with Red, Black with White, Black with Blue, Black with Red]
-Monocle [Brass, Black, Silver]
-Rose [Red, Black, White]
-Black Rose Fascinator
-Lucky Clover
-Footie Warmers
-Black Arm Warmers
-Basket of Shrooms
-Bandana [Red Star, Blue Heart]
-Hair Clip [Grape, strawberry, cherry]
-Hip Scarf [Burgundy, Forest, Plum]
-Eyepatch [Medical, Swashbuckling]
-Feather Necklace
-Dangling Crystal Charm
-Fancy Red Bow
-Anklets [Gold, Silver]
-Necktie {Red, Cream]

-Wooden Spoon
-Cake Spatula
-Shiny Whisk
-White Apron
-Flower Apron
-Chef Hat [White]
-Chef Jacket [White, Black]
-Schiffchen [White, Black]
-Bacon Scarf
-Pancake Mushroom
-Ramen Soup
-Mushroom Tea Kettle
-Dinner Bell

-Unknown Lair
-Pastel Rainbow
-Rose Bouquet
-Lily Pads
-Blue Paths
-The Volcano
-Mossy Stones
-Chilly Caverns
-Stormy Sails
-Faraway Lands
-Serene Twilight
-Sweet Dreams
-Secret Cenote

-Magical Streak [Green, Red, Purple, Black[
-Espiritita [Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Black, Golden]
-Halo [Gold, Silver]
-Mushrooms: White WInd, Frazil, Sunbeam, Cave Shadows, Forgetting, Lone, Moveshroom, Unpond, Cave Painting

-Crow [Albino, Regular]
-Hugtopus <3
-Butterfly [Sunset, Morningdew, Angelwing]
-Sugar Glider
-Flying Squirrel
-Snail [Lime, Grove]
-Gecko [regular green, neon blue, tiger dalmation]
-Frog [Poison Dart, Pumillo, Splendid Leaf]
-Frog inna Shroom [Tangerine, Glass, Doom]
-Toad [Golden, Spotty, Sonoran Green]
-Friendly Turtle
-Teeny Tent Bat

-Loose Braid Wig [Red, Brown, Golden, White, Black]
-Breezy Wig [White, Black, Golden, Brown]
-Goatee [Golden, Black, White, Brown]
-Enchanted Gaze [Green, Golden, Brown, Blue, Black, Silver, Teal, Violet, Red]
-Ram Horns [Black, Golden, Brown, White]
-Antlers [White, Red, Brown, Golden, Black]
-Spike Horns [White, Golden, Black, Red, Brown]
-Dainty Antlers [Brown, Golden, Red, Black, White]
-Tiny Horns [White, Red, Golden, black, Brown]
-Wings [Golden, White, Black]
-Tattoo [Air, Fire, Water, Spirit]

Schrodinger’s Cat
Light in the Darkness
Monarch Butterfly
Flowering Fawn
Fairy Dust [omg it looks like cotton candy xD]
Cave Shadows
Golden Glow
Tainted Smoke
Angelic Solstice [have a character in mind :D]
Arcane Whispers
Atlas Moth
Bleeding Heart Dove
Bleeding Tooth Mushroom
Blue Morpho Butterfly [I think I have a charrie :D]
Lacey Magpie
Brown Wood Owl [may have a character not sure]
Crowned Crane [not fully sure]
Dappled Apple
Gilded Glow
Golden Tiger
Ink Cap
Mycena Kimono
Northern Wind
Pastel Star <3
Pumpkin Pie [maybe]
Rustic Garter
Siberian Squill
Tribal Flame
White Spotted Jellyfish
Winter Dragon
Winter Phoenix
99942 Apophis
Astral Wraith [planz]
Briers of Rose
Capricious Sun
Essense of Love
Haunted Hound
Lily of the Valley
Omber Flower
Orange Calcite
Peacock Spider [maybe]
Pearly Depths
Purple Shimmer
Red Tufted Squirrel [because SQUIRREL *shot*]
Spell Weaver
Spring Sprouts
Ephemeral Light [omg]
Flowering Fawn
Gerbera Daisy
White Wind
Wild Cenote

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Let’s see here.

  • cream tail bow
  • albino crow
  • ephemeral light mushroom

That should do it for now!  I have a lot of saving to do. 

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~ Wishlist ~

Char A:







and more shroom fodder

and alwayss in need of saving some money and gems

Posted 05/06/16, edited 06/06/16


enchanted green gaze, enchanted brown gaze, enchanted golden gaze, bottle of stardust, holly-day blossom, spirit dove, stitched ribbon, obi

happily ever after mushroom/pet, or an upright fodder pet (or any pet really, so far I only have two)

Posted 05/19/16, edited 05/25/16

Eevee’s Wishlist:
-Currency! I am searching for both kinds
-Changing Shroom!!!
-All coats except Blue Banded Bee and Peacock Spider (*Shudders*)
-Fodder pets to use the mushrooms I do have on (Especially looking for a friend for Shadow Mist! He’s been lonely since Darling left. :( )
-Any openables, really. I love opening mystery chests. ;w;

Posted 05/19/16, edited 05/19/16
Moved to profile! :D
Posted 05/22/16, edited 12/08/16

Pets! For mushrooms! :D
#1. FABLE (mushroom, or active pet) <3
-Winter Dragon
-Northern Wind
-Blooming Fawn


Anything really!
-Albino Crow
-Shining Glave

Posted 05/28/16, edited 05/29/16
Xari’s Wishlist

A list far out of my reach, most likely, but consider it more… a list of goals. The things that are bolded are the things I’m seeking most, or at least they’re the items I’m currently actively looking to obtain. That which has a strike through it is something I’ve been gifted or have bought for myself! Everything else is really wanted, just on the back burner for the moment.

Gems and Nuggets are what I need most. Beyond that, I’m saving up for…

Exactly what it says on the tin: stuff I’m always looking for, regardless of what else I’m saving up for at the moment. Gems and Nuggets and everything listed here.

Fodder Pets (Active or Upright)

Changingshroom, Glowing Changingshroom, Driftshroom

Pretty much spoopy coats and edgy colors. I’m interested in these as pets, as shrooms, as whatever. I just hope to obtain these at some point. Nothing’s bolded, ‘cause I’m not sure which one I should go for first, I love them all!

Arcane Whispers, Blue Morpho Butterfly, Fable, Golden Thread Cordyceps, Ink Cap, Lovebird, Northern Wind, Rustic Garter, Winter Dragon, 99942 Apophis, Astral Wraith, Capricious Sun, Haunted Hound, Monster Under the Bed, Peacock Spider, Purple Shimmer, Schrodinger’s Cat, Frazil, Grim Harvest.

An unfinished list, this one’s gonna go on forever. :D Pretty much any wearable item is probably something I’m interested in!

Immortal Mask, Cartographer’s Charts, Inky Paws, Midnight’s Horns, Birdcage Lantern, Lighted Lantern, Birdy Beads, Shadow Sigil, Rattling Chains.

I will add to this and change it as I get things and as I figure out what’s obtainable and what is not! I’m fairly new here, so… I’m still wide-eyed and hopeful that I can eventually get everything on this list. :D (Older things here seem marginally more obtainable than stuff like KS/2013 Festival stuff on Flight Rising, at least, lol.)

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Gar’s Wishlist

So…. I will likely add to this as I get more acquainted with the site. Obviously nuggets and gems are always essential. I’m getting much better at the games though and slowly but surely increasing the amount in my bank account.

Swashbuckling Eyepatch
Gleaming Silver Anklets
Espirititas… Lol all of them eventually

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Oh goodness, I’m new here and have no idea how rare some of these are or any of their values,
but here is my wishlist for reference later on. Feel free to take a look if you would like! :3c
Coats are in order from most to least desired. My items wishlist are on a separate post after this one.

✧ Coats ✧

White Wind | Blue Morpho Butterfly | Starstruck Sea | Happily Ever After | Angelic Solstice

Star Cross Fox | Polaris Bear | Dogepan | Mycena Kimono | Three Wishes

✧ Event Coats ✧

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