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Wishing Well
Metalhawk’s Wishlist

NOTE: This list is not comprehensive. It is just stuff I need for future, planned outfits. I love all sorts of wearables whether or not they are on the list.

Shop Items

Event/OoTs Wearables


I keep this list in order to jog my memory. That way I will remember not to trade off items that I have been gifted!

x1 Monarch Mushroom (Used to make Theodora)
——-> 7 gems to purchase fodder to make Theodora.
x1 Briers of the Rose Mushroom (Used to make Auralie Damask)
x1 Ombre Flower Mushroom (Used to make Fern)
x1 White Serval Mushroom (Used to make Astigar)
x1 Fodder (Used to make Yun)

x1 Feather Quill
x1 Spirit Dove
x1 Blue Globe Necklace
x1 Fancy Red Bow
x1 Red Rose
x1 Tropical Coconut Dream
x1 Firefly Nigtht
x1 Gardenia Blossoms
x1 Daisy Hair Clip
x1 Happy Fields Bouquet
x1 Bouncy Bouquet
x1 Kenny the Bunny

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I should take a spot to start building my wishlist!

I don’t know how to do images yet, so for now…

Polaris Mushroom (BEAR <3)
Teal Pondshroom
Pile of Books
Siberian Flying Squirrel
Sugar Glider
Shadow’s Sigil
Broken Heart Earrings
Gothic Charm
Black Arm Warmers
Footy Warmers
Black Leg Warmers
Unknown Lair
Cake Spatula
Black Chef Hat

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My wishlist is an EoL.
I’d like to someday have a female Drasillis as well. And a custom.

I guess that’s boring haha.

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All the Drasillis
(Crowned Crane, Orange Calcite, Spring Sprouts, 99942 Apophis, Twilight Woods, Frazil, Arcane Whispers, Enchanted Stone)


Beaded Organic Items (Excluding Earrings)
Birdcage Lantern
Camping Lantern
Cartographer’s Charts
Faerie Ring
Firefly Night
Fragrant Flora
Fur Mantle
Golden Ear Cuff
Gothic Charm
Heart Blossom
Invisibility Potion
Lighted Lantern
Magical Streak
Midnight’s Horns
Morning Butterflies
Origami Cranes
Royal Crown
Shining Glaive
Skull Earrings
Soulstone Collar
Untold Treasures
Wind Chime Earrings


Paw Prints
Fodder Pets

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{ wish upon a star }

this is more of a reference list for me~ <3
I’ll probably aggressively reformat this later using tables tbh
I’m going to need to save a hell of a lot omg

{ coats }

{ apparel }

{ custom dreams }
Custom Name (rough) Cost (estimate)
Shrine Rabbit 19 PP
Emperor 16 PP
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dove has goals
{ Wearables }

click each item to see who I need it for!

{ Pets }

mushroom or pet form!

Posted 03/24/15

I don’t know how to code pictures quite yet, but a few things have caught my eye.

The Ink Cap and Bleeding Heart Dove pets/coats are the ones I liked the most! I really like the simple designs. (Good job too because there are so many pretty and flamboyant pets on this site ono)

Any of the espiritita and wings are pretty cool too! Although i really want the black/white wings and the black espiritita the most! :0

Edit: 2 minutes ago: A secret admirer sent you Black Wings! How nice! Thankyou!!

(That ghost scarf item is really cool too!)

My newbie wishlist is short haha

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Raus’s Wishlist


OOTS and Event Items: Most Wanted


OOTS and Event Items

Shop Backgrounds!


Coats I haven’t yet nabbed

GCS Coats (Not a Priority)





The Storyteller

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I swear I’ll glamour this up once I can be bothered, but:
From highest to lowest (with reminders why):

1 out of 7 gems (B-day 21/04, forever from Oots shop)
Bloody Arm bandages (Valenth, FR)
Driftshroom (Change colour to red gradient)
CC/Nuggets (Custom one day ten years into the future)
Changingshroom (Unlikely, but use on B-day)
Winter Dragon Mushroom (Dargons <3)
Torch Mushroom/Ineki (Impossible, but I can dream, right?)

/Newbie out

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This is my wish list/shopping list. Just a place to remember what I’m saving for!

Character Needs:
Shop Items

Event Items

OotS Items




Keep dreamin’

General wants/needs:
Shop Items

Event Items

OotS Items



Keep dreamin’


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Mosh’s Wishlist

• Mosh Ineki! - 40CC // 90CC


(always need fodder pets)


In order of need


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Hi! I’m new so I think my list is somewhat humble i think. ^^ I’d love to have another pet of any sort, since i only have the one now, or a couple of gems to help me buy my own sometime.
Posted 04/24/15

Dinopotato’s neeewbie wish list

1. A second pet XD (Twisted is lonely on her own)

uhhh, other things i liked:

Blind eye
Bat gliders XD
Golden Tiger Coat
Draccko (its the most ridiculous lizard i’v ever seen and i want it XD) THANK YOU TO WHOEVER GAVE ME THIS THING :D

Ultimate goal:
One of the Dracilis, they look so cool, but i think they are probably really rare T.T and probably by extension, super duper expensive T.T

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I keep messing with my profile so I figured it’s probably a good idea to have this list backed up in more than one place. Here is my messy list, mostly for my own reference.

Currently saving toward:
29 PP for my Peony Kitty Custom

Tranform-y things


And fodder.

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Arintol’s Wishlist

All are listed in order of priority!

Out of date

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A Newbie’s Grandiose Wishlist
-with no images because ain’t nobody got time for that

-Bleeding Heart Dove
-Blue Morpho

-Firefly Night
-Fragile Blue Wings
-Ghost Scarf
-Let It Snow

-Changingshrooms (always want)

Posted 05/27/15

Ploo’s Little Wishes (to be edited for prettiness later)
*top priority

-spring sprouts
-flowering fawn
-white serval
-ink cap


-stack of books
-friendly turtle
*-travelers cloak
*-arm bandage
*-ghost scarf
-origami cranes
-sugar glider

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Heres my List (ps Nice Idea on this Thread!)



(sorry that they have accesories they’re from my profile)

Other items
CC-For my Customs
Sprout (some how XD)
I hope i get these things! X3

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anything, really.
I just joined today and I still don’t know much about the items/pets so anything will do owo

Posted 06/20/15

I didn’t know this thread was a thing, but I think it’s a great idea! Better than cluttering up my profile.

~Tyr’s Petty Wants~

For Namacuix

For Rue

For Teddy

For Cernunnos

For Verde (and graduation!)

Posted 07/12/15
I’m new so I tried compiling a wishlist on my profile but there are so many still to go, and half of the ones I need to add aren’t even realistic ; A ; Dear wishing well, anything at all would be amazing please ^^
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I joined a few days ago, looked through all the coats and I absolutely adore the Djinn one !!
It’s currently selling for 63,000 and I thought that wouldn’t be very hard to get but I’m sitting at 1,601 right now ;o; (So sending me even a bit of currency would be amazing)
I also have no idea how to do images!
But honestly, sending anything my way would absolutely make my day !

EDIT: OH MY GOSH WHOEVER SENT ME A DJINN MUSHROOM !! Thank you !! Thank you so much !!!! I’m tearing up!

Any items for my cute new Djinn would be amazing ! I think these would look nice?:D
Ankle bells, Golden headpiece, Footy warmers, Firefly night, Decorative ball mask! !

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What Apo Wants

Wild Cenote | Kheper | Mycena Kimono | Will-o’-the-Wisp | Bleeding Heart Dove | Dawn | Briers of Rose

Spring Sprouts | Ink Cap | White Wind | Gerbera Daisy | Northern Wind | Frazil

dream on

Lacey Magpie | Royal Red | Stardust Firework | Star Bomb | Witch’s Brew | Twilight Woods

For Hana:

For Oriana:

For Menelaus:

For Meander:

For Victor:

For Tiadra:

Stellar Anthem
Mockup coming soon!
20/20 PP

Regal Ragdoll
0/? PP

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Willow’s Wish List

Mine’s pretty simple so far, since I just started x3
Hopefully I can scratch some stuff off after I’ve saved up a bit ^__^ (Yay spellstones)


Most Wanted: Ink Cap



Watermelon Punch - Got one! <3 Thank you so much for the gift! D8


Event items that drop shrooms/pets
All coat shrooms
Driftshrooms, Pondshrooms
Not really much other than nuggets or gems, or anything…I really would love anything xD

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Sage’s Wishlist:
Well, Since im new here i might as well post a wishlist haha

Prismatic Tiger (Both)
Lacey Magpie (Both)
Royal Red (Both)
Stardust Firework (Both)
Star Bomb (Both)
Blue Morpho Butterfly (Active)
Will-O’-The-Whisp (Both)
Bleeding Heart Dove (Active)
Red Tuffted Squirrel (Both)
Spell Weaver (Active)
White Wind (Both)
Torch (Both)

Any others.

Fragile blue wings

Nuggets, Gems, CC
Anything you guys give/sell to me would be amazing

Posted 08/16/15

Making a post here. Cause I figured it would be easier to keep track of and edit and stuff. I guess. Since I’m going about editing my profile and all that after all.

Skies. I need all the skies. Hahaha.





Other Things

I always need fodder pets. Always.

As a thank you to those who have tossed me things, so that it shall not be forgotten

Ghost Scarf - Anon
30k - Anon
1k - Anon
8,879 - Anon

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Oh this thread exists, how did i never see this before haha.

Ryon’s not so fancy list of things


Top priority:


Shop Items:


Top priority:
x2 (I can dream >:/ )


Things i will generally always want to have/hoard:

Nuggets / Gems / PP(4/25)

less than a minute ago: A secret admirer sent you Bluebirds! How nice!
less than a minute ago: A secret admirer sent you Sea Butterflies! How nice!
Thanks Lady for the Lammy :D
Thanks Lady for the Cartographer’s Charts <3
Won the 99942 Apophis shroom from a contest hosted by Queen Elsa

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I’m just going to post my wishlist here, even though I would be extremely grateful for absolutely anything ;o; !
I only have one pet so anything would be great ;; !

Cave painting
Blue morpho butterfly !
Fairy dust
Golden thread Cordyceps
Ink cap !
Kheper !! (Another most wanted<3)
Tribal flame
Light in the darkness !! (Definetely most wanted ;o;)
Monarch butterfly
Pearly dephths
Spell weaver !
Star chaser !
Pancake !
White wind !
(I am so very sorry that there is so much !!! I only have 1 pet so far and honestly anything and any pet that I get would be amazing and make my day !!)

And a changing shroom would be absolutely lovely !! It looks so fun to try one out <3

EDIT: Oh my gosh !!! Thank you so so very much to whoever gifted me 7 gems !! You made my day ! <3

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