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Wishing Well

Because of the nature of this thread I think this is the right place for it to live, you may correct me if I’m wrong XP

So, I’m not going to be fancy with this intro or anything, I’m just going to explain why I made this thread so that it can be useful to everyone XP I have seen often that people will drop their wishlists for items and pets anywhere they can fit them, in the Musings, their Profiles, their pets’ Profiles and even in the Character Caverns… There’s no real place for them, but everyone has one, whether it’s to receive gifts they want on special occasions or just so they don’t forget, so I made a thread where users can post their entire, massive, extensive wishlists, with every little item and coat color, without worrying about cluttering up somewhere that serves a better function. Then, from here you can make a nice little link to your Wishlist and just set it gently to the side as a neat little link.

In short, post away! Put your wishlist in this thread and save a pet’s Bio space for something better, like their Bio or art x3 Hopefully people will find this useful~

Posted 10/19/14
~My Wishlist~



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Insigne’s Wishlist

Highest priority first.

All I Really Want


Shrooms & Coats





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In order of priority, highest priority first



- Any of the shop items

Always Seeking

- CC, nuggets, gems

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Moved to profile! <3
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[edit] Unfortunately this thread doesn’t load well anymore, there’s just too many images. Gonna take this out now, but great idea while it lasted c:


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i am but a small noob who does not know how to do the fancy image do

BUT my wishlist atm is a male lammergeier/male pet and a lammergeier shroom to use it on
more to come as i figure out,,,,,,,,how to work everything

Posted 10/20/14
It’s much easier to keep track of everything when it’s on my profile, as I can just as easily keep a list of which pet needs what there, and it’s always just a single click away. So… removing this, for now at least.
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Pirrans Wishlist of Wonder (in no particular order)


Autumn Forager (active)
City Beats
Stardust Firework
Glittering Brilliance
Crystal Catalyst
Dead of Night (upright)

All shop backgrounds
Crystals of Unity
Ornate Horns
Ancient Overgrowth
Konpeito Pouch
Sage’s Shawl
Silent Scarf
Spirit Guardians
Magic Circle
Forest Spirit Mask
Morning Butterflies
Lighted Lantern

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The below wishlist applies to pets or mushrooms

Custom Credit!

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items i want

shrooms/pets i want


paw prints and nuggets and gems…! of course :p

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Oh how neat! :D




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oohh, I had just made a list on my bio for that to keep track of it, but this is a neat idea :o I’ll relocate my wishlist here.

as always: nuggets/gems for saving

99942 apophis
white wind
gerbera daisy
witch’s brew
prismatic tiger
royal red
twilight woods
stardust firework
lacey magpie
maybe a custom one day? perhaps, perhaps.

fungal growth
driftshroom(or a tealy to finish the one I’m workin on)
glowing changingshroom

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I don’t keep this up to date ever orz might come back eventually
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So glad that everyone is finding this useful :‘3
Posted 11/05/14

Hmm… I could move my wishlist/shopping list here. It would free up space on my profile and I can still cross things off as I purchase them.

Any colors on the above, I just grabbed the images of my favorites. But I need them in different colors for various characters. Really any wigs, I love adding hair to my characters.

These are more specific items I like and intend to buy eventually if I ever stop getting distracted long enough. I like pretty much all of the shop items, especially the Leetle Companions and Fungimental Magic shops, but these are pretty much my favorites. Well, these and the crows. XD


I’m always looking for these, I love drifting pets and the faded look is really awesome on some colorations.

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in no particular order-

as for colorations, i’ll just copy & paste the list from my profile. this wishlist was mostly to post items i’m aiming for currently, as i wasn’t really planning on listing them anywhere. c:

monarch butterfly [ m/f ]
spell weaver [ m ]
will-o-the-wisp [ m/f ]
lammergeier [ m ]** - shroom bought! fodder still needed [ 2/7 gems ]
kheper [ m ]
golden thread cordyceps [ m ]
golden tiger [ m ]**
djinn [ m ]*

* most wanted

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Never made a post on this so I guess I will, why not right…
Monster Under the Bed Bought one!
Kheper Bought one!
Grim Harvest
Twilight Woods or Witches Brew would be so cool.
Glowy changy if I were so lucky
Fodder and more fodder
Shadow’s Sigil
Any of the magpie/crow/ albino crow birdies

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Piney’s Wish List

Winter Dragon | Corroded Automaton | Northern Wind

Happily Ever After | Melanistic Jaguar | Three Wishes

Divergent | Vintage | Starlight


Will-o’-the-Wisp | Briers of Rose | Pearly Depths

Ill Omen | Equilibrium | Thunder Dog


Lammergeier | Gerbera Daisy | Ephemeral Light

Snow Day | Eden | Shadow Sage

Yule Dog


Cartographer’s Charts | Grit Beer | Cute Ear Piercings | Royal Crown

Soulstone Collar | Playing Cards | Orchid Gardens | Peachy Cream Wings

Rainbow Star Scarf |

Always want:

!!! Fodder pets (I have so many mushrooms)
- Driftshrooms
- Nuggets / gems
- GCS coats ;o;

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It’s wishlist time! In some vague order of category. Most of the coats fall under the ‘a guy can dream’ category price-wise but hey, it’s called a wishlist after all.

Shrooms / Coats

-Any sort of shroom with randomness I am a gambler I love gambling.

-Fodder. Always Fodder

-Magical Streaks of all varieties
-Espiritata? They’re pretty neat
-Mushrooms for Team Mushroom
-Anything from the Leeetle Companions shop

-Seriously drown me in fish and I’ll be a happy guy.
-Fish into eternity.

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I need to free up my profile a bit,,, These items are in no particular order. Sorry if this is a little lengthy.



-All wings
-All Scars and Bandages
-All Espiritas and Magical Streaks
-Custom Credit

12/08/14: Thank you who ever gave me that ghost scarf! uwu
12/12/14: Thanks santa! The Djinn was a great present to recieve.
12/12/14: Elfe thank you so much for the wings!
12/13/14: Whoever sent me the foot bandage and the eye burn scar, thank you so much!
12/13/14: Thanks for the gems to get that Sunbeam!

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Timcampi’s Magical List of
“Maybe Some Day~”

So, thanks to some gentle nudging from a certain few people I’ve decided to make one of these…

This is a list of things I’m currently saving up for or trying to obtain either for character related reasons or simply because I happened to fall in love with a shiny bauble. I shall add more things as they come up~ ^w^


In order of importance


Also In order of importance


All listed Petcoats are valid here as well, but I’m not listing them simply for the sake of simplicity.

I will always need one of these. ALWAYS.

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I’ll always want PP/Gems/Nuggets but here’s a list of items I’d really like to have!





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>> JUST GETTING STARTED (a tiny wishlist)

just the little (or not so little, maybe, as i have no idea how much anything is worth, haha) things i’m looking for starting out/finally getting into mycena. organized by pet/character~


magical streak, gleaming silver anklets, dangling crystal charm


arm bandage


lighted lantern

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:3 I feel kind of awk doing this, but I like wish lists and looking at other people’s wish lists, and it gives me something to strive for, so here goes. I’ll cross things off or remove them as I achieve my goals!

Mighty Burning Need:

May OOtS (carve on 22 May for anniversary!)
fodder pets: male (Monarch) & female (Spring Sprouts), any & all for changies/glowing changies

Gambling Addictions:


Things That Are Cute:


Things That Will Never Happen:


S Q U E E E E E E thank you SO MUCH Secret Admirer. :3 I’ll never stop blushing and staring at how cute Lich is now! You’re the best!

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I feel awkward posting this as well but it would be useful to have my ‘to buy’ list all in one place rather than scattered across my pets’ pages.

Collie’s Wishlist
Shop Items

Other Items


Posted 03/03/15, edited 03/05/15
changing shroom as of now ; o ;
Posted 03/05/15
Solitude’s Wishlist
Forever Wishlist Items:

-Custom Credit
-Any future bird items (ex: Little Robin)
-Changing Shroom




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Ok Here goes

I am actively seeking - coats
Tribal Flame

Items -
Any OOTS items
Old Halloween event items
A changing shroom (for my birthday ineki)

Nuggets and CC are welcome

Posted 03/07/15