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Pride Flag Suggestions

Heya fellow Mycenians~ I’m currently making some updates to our collection of Pride items, which will include the addition of the MLM flag. While we’re adding a new flag, I’ve been given the OK to reach out to you guys and see if there’s any other flags you feel that we’re missing? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

To clarify, I’m only looking for suggestions of gender and orientation (sexual/romantic) pride flags at this time! Also, suggesting a flag doesn’t mean we’ll include it, but I’d like to make sure we’re aware if we have any blind spots ^^

Here’s a quick list of flags we already have represented on site!:
Lesbian (the “sunset” design with the orange/white/plum stripes)
And of course the rainbow flag (we use the design with the black + brown stripe)

And ones I’ll be adding with my updates:
MLM/Gay Flag (the five stripe teal/white/blue one)
Progress Flag (the rainbow flag with the triangle on the side)

Any suggestions other than those would be most welcome! ^^

Posted May 27, edited May 27
OG flag with the eight colors would be lovely!
Posted May 27

I would love to see the aroallo flag and tricolor polyamorous flag! And seconding the original 8-stripe rainbow flag.

Also, slight correction, the MLM flag is an entirely separate one from the gay man/vincian flag, it’s just less common and doesn’t get as much recognition

Posted May 27

Pesky Correction totally welcome! I did actually know about the achillean flag, hence clarifying which design I was referring to. MLM was perhaps a bit unnecessarily confusing there, gay man flag probably would’ve sufficed LOL. I’m not sure what we’ll actually call items in that colour palette yet since “gay man pride x” doesn’t totally match our naming scheme, so I’ll add Vincian to my list of terms to research! : D

Do I have the right flags here for your suggestions? Aroallo, Polyam

Posted May 27

Oh I’d love to see this sapphic flag whose colors were drawn from Sappho’s poetry!!! explanation post for the meaning

edit: also want to suggest the demiromantic flag!

edit again: also seconding the 8/9 stripe og flag!

edit again again: on mobile and can’t be bothered to link, sorry Nonny, but. the queer flag!

Posted May 27, edited May 30

I would be absolutely amazing to see the grayromantic flag and graysexual flag-

Posted May 27
Just expressing my interest as well for Baker’s original 8 stripe rainbow flag please, would love to see it. His revised 9 stripe diversity flag (with the lavender stripe) from 2017 is also lovely.
Posted May 28
Nonnavlis Those are the right flags, yes!
Posted May 28
I’m going to echo that I’d love having a graysexual flag!
Posted May 30
thank you for adding the original 8 stripe flag!! i think that Gilbert Baker’s original design is so beautiful and meaningful, and i’m so happy to see it here!
Posted Jun 6
Would it be possible to get a special tag for Pride items? Just “pride” or something like that. :D
Posted Jun 6

Oops, I posted in the news, but meant to post here as well that Nonny led the effort in getting some more flags added!

Gay Male Pride, 8 Stripe Pride, Demiromantic Pride, Greysexual Pride, and Greyromatic Pride were added—you can find them in the Marketplace!

I will ask glitch about getting a Pride tag added—I don’t think that should be too difficult!

Posted Jun 7

Thank you for the pride tag!!

I’d just like to echo the interest in the polyam flag, and the sapphic flag!! <3 <3 <3

Posted Jun 12