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Out of the Shadows appear June previews!

The setting sun paints the sky in fiery hues, even as dark, heavy clouds gather on the horizon. The occasional crackle of distant lightning can be seen streaking through the clouds, illuminating their bulbous, angry swells in brief flashes of light. If anything, the ominous threat of the incoming storm seems to brighten the dusk – the colors lower on the horizon blend and distort as the rain starts to fall somewhere off in the distance, creating smudges of purplish grey against the warm reddish glow.
As the clouds roll closer, you can feel the static begin to gather in the air and the first few bursts of wind kick up, heralding the storm’s approach. All around you, the flora seems to react to the shift in weather – leaves turn over, showing their silver backs, and the mushrooms that grow throughout this cavern in scattered clumps begin to emit a bright blue glow.
By the time the first rumble of thunder reaches your ears, all of the colors have retreated past the horizon. All of the birdsong and insect droning that make up a summer’s evening have hushed, the sky is dark but for the bright flashes of lightning, and heavy raindrops begin to pelt the earth.
It’s then that you see it – one of those glowing mushrooms, upon being struck by one of those first raindrops, lets a puff of spores into the air. Soon enough, glowing blue spores fill the air, gliding about on the stormy winds and sticking to everything they possibly can. The trees, the ground, you. By the end of it all, you’re spattered with bioluminescent speckles, though their glow gently fades as the storm recedes.

Introducing our June OotS coat, Mystic Sunset, along with their Distant Lightning and Bioluminescent Speckles! This month’s set was created by Myla. They will be available for purchase in the Out of the Shadows shop beginning June 1st!


Posted May 26

Reminds me of the Torch, but fancier. Nice! I like.

Also there can never be enough glowy items.

Posted May 27
I love!!!
Posted May 27
this is so COOL!!!!!!! I can’t wait hehehehehee
Posted May 27
Ooh, I love the lightning and the speckles. They seem like they’d be neat with a lot of colors.
Posted May 28