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Out of the Shadows appear May previews!

You’ve seen giant mushrooms plenty of times, but this is a first. The cavern you’ve entered makes you feel small, and it’s not only because the cavern is enormous. The wildlife here makes you feel a miniature version of yourself, each blade of grass towering above you and every granule of dirt as big as your head. From what you can tell, you seem to have entered a (thankfully) relatively flat field filled with flowers.

The flowers too are giant—from your viewpoint, your best view of the flowers are of the stem and the sepals, the petals overhanging and semi-translucent, letting the strong light from above filter through in a way that makes the whole place seem almost otherworldly. You can’t help but wonder how and why everything here is so big, but then again, this is the Cave, and you know that strange magic is at play.

A baritone buzzing noise cuts short your wondering. Something massive flies in front of the lightsource, casting a large shadow over you. The creature lands gently on one of the flowers, and you can hardly believe the bloom can hold such a behemoth. Curiosity gets the better of you, and you very quietly shimmy up the stem of another flower to get a closer look.

And there she sits in all of her glory: a grand queen bumblebee kelph, her body covered in shimmering black and yellow stripes. She tends to the flowers with a gentle touch, her movements slow and deliberate as she deposits pollen onto each bloom with a careful paw. Despite her size, she moves with a delicate grace, as if she’s mindful of the fragility of the flowers she tends to.

As you watch in fascination, you notice other bees buzzing about, collecting pollen and bringing it back to the queen. They work tirelessly, their wings creating a gentle hum that fills the space. You feel like you’re being stealthy and unobtrusive, but the queen notices you and speaks directly to you.

“I see I have another busy worker bee to help; so glad you’ve joined us,” she says, and with those words, you feel a strange sensation overcome you. Suddenly, you realize you’ve been turned into a bee, ready to join in the work of this magical place.

Introducing our May OotS coat, Queen Bee, along with their Queen Bee Cape and Busy Bee! This month’s set was created by Acydosis. They will be available for purchase in the Out of the Shadows shop beginning May 1st!

Posted Apr 27

hold on I need to sit down for a second-

this is SOOOOO FUN!!!!!! the base coat itself is awesome but that fricken big bee booty is. perfection. we have been blessed on this day.

Posted Apr 28

Oh this is awesome! I love bees.
Really love to see such interesting coats and unique accessories too.

I love how beautifully matched everything is. I wasn’t sure which part was coat and which was accessories at first. But also, it’s kinda nice that the clothing items are the more bee focused parts because the coat is self is just so lovely and versatile. Love the golden yellow and black tones. And the slight honeycomb patterning… Absolutely beautiful. :)

Posted Apr 28, edited Apr 28
Posted Apr 28, edited Apr 28
the beeness loves this they are all a-twitter!!!! buzz buzz buzz!!!!
Posted Apr 29
oooooo how bee-autiful! a lovely friend with amazing black-gold aesthetic, just in time for my birth month
Posted Apr 30