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Welcoming a new Spring Seasonal!

The sweet scent of flowers beckons you down a wide and gentle path, unlike the winding, rocky trails throughout much of the Cave that often leave you bruised and battered. Soft springy grass cushions your paws, while the Cave walls glisten like glass and yellow gems cast a magical daylight glow. Everything here whispers of gentleness, and you follow with a weary heart, hopeful that you’re finally close to finding a place to call home.

As the path opens to a wide cavern, you know you’ve found it. At first glance, it appears to be a sprawling field of wildflowers, but closer inspection reveals rolling hills dotted with arches, doors, and chimneys. A village of earth-sheltered homes blend seamlessly with the environment, and cobblestone paths weave their way through the long grasses, sometimes hard to spot. A gentle river with a water mill churns with the flow, and verdant vegetable gardens bloom behind fences. It’s a cozy and rustic place, where inhabitants live in perfect harmony with nature.

Just as you start to feel a sense of peace settling into your bones, a noise to your right causes you to spin. Two young ineki come hurtling towards you, one chasing the other, and before you have a chance to move, you all tumble into a heap. Fortunately, the dense grasses cushion your fall.

“Oh no, we’re sorry!” one ineki squeaks, panic in their voice. “Are you okay!?”

After assuring them that you’re okay and helping everyone to untangle themselves and get back up, you notice that both ineki blend perfectly with their surroundings, their coats a mix of yellow and green with a pop of purple.

“Most of us here look like this, but you won’t be out of place if you stay!” one responds to your line of questioning. “We get wanderers like you pretty often. It’s hard to resist that trail here, right?!” They grin.

“Oh yeah, we have a welcome center over by the water mill!” The little one quickly plucks a bouquet of flowers and hands them to you. “Follow me, I’ll show you!”


Introducing our new Spring Seasonal coat, Wildflower Meadow! This coat was created by Plaid and is available to purchase in Tamshir’s Specialties!

Posted Mar 21
Ohh they’re so soft I love them!!!
Posted Mar 21